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AdWords Elite Masters Summit Features
Price: $999
Formats: online video, DVD
Company: Perry S. Marshall & Associates

AdWords Elite Masters Summit Features

AdWords Elite Masters Summit, by Perry Marshall, is a video recording of Perry's Maui seminar offering the latest strategies on Google AdWords, traffic generation, and conversions.

Features include:

  • 2 hour 13 minute video recording of the AdWords Elite Masters Summit seminar.
  • Online access via the members' area.
  • DVDs of the Maui Summit shipped free of charge.
  • Free 30-day subscription to Perry Marshall's Mastermind Club (then bills at $99/month).
  • 48 hour money back guarantee.

Guest speakers:

  • Richard Stokes, president of
    • Case study: how Richard took a company from literally zero to #5 in their industry in 11 days.
    • Case study: a $50 million case study in conversion optimization.
  • Amit Mehta, founder of PPC classroom.
    • Jet Streaming: How he got 50,000 clicks a day from the content network at an average of 0.10/click with 1 ad.
    • Power strategies for Google image ads that get 5-8% CTRs on the content network.
    • How to survive the "Google Slap and Survive" on AdWords if you are selling an information product.
    • Extremely cool tricks using AdWords Editor.
  • Shelley Ellis, Zen Master of the Content Network.
    • Infrared sensors that generate heat maps of activity on the Content Network.
    • Ultraviolet light that activates photoactive materials in the Content Network.
  • Rob Sieracki of Rocket Clicks.
    • Important Google beta tests that few advertisers even know about, that signal important new directions for 2010-2011.
    • "What's in it for you vs. What's in it for Google" - deep insights, based on Rob's extensive interaction with Google.
  • Glenn Livingston of Rocket Clicks.
    • How to leverage quality score information to determine the outer boundaries of your market.
  • Jonathan Mizel on media buys, paid traffic sources outside of Google.
  • Bryan Todd and Drew Bischof on Facebook pay per click.
    • We have discovered an entire approach to Facebook that delivers loads of insights.
  • Kirt Christensen’s 6 million dollar exponential growth case study.
  • David Rothwell on CPA (Cost Per Action) bidding on Google AdWords.
  • Bonus speaker: Joe Sugarman - founder of JS&A and inventor of BluBlockers.