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Invisible Streams Features
Price: $39.95/99.95
Formats: PDF, MP3
Company: Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Invisible Streams Features

Invisible Streams, by Perry Marshall, is a MP3 recording showing you how to segment your mailing list for greater profits.

Features include:

  • Here's what you'll learn:
    • Learn how to maximize your cross selling opportunities.
    • Know when a new idea is viable and how many people would likely be willing to buy.
    • Know how to set price points and which segment of your list will likely buy a $10 product, and which would prefer to pay $10,000.
    • Identify core buying emotions, topics of interest, and the persuasive language of your different list segments.
    • Enjoy the benefits of a self-selecting system that allows people to automatically group themselves by similar interests and needs.
    • Eliminate deadbeats on your list who chew up customer service time, slam you in forums, price shop and never spend a penny on your products.
    • Write in hypnotic, persuasive, rhythmic tones that entice and inspire loyalty.
    • A review of vendors for establishing, running and managing your autoresponder campaigns.
  • A recording of the call that was the basis for "Invisible Streams: Segmenting Your List for Greater Profits" in MP3.
  • 10 page downloadable PDF report.
  • Short supplement, "Frequently Asked Questions, answers to help you get started quickly".
  • 6-page downloadable PDF report disclosing how autoresponders offer secret channels of communication others are not privy to.
  • Audio interview Perry conducted with Victor Cheng on how Barack Obama effectively used autoresponders in his 2008 Presidential campaign.
  • 37 page downloadable PDF giving you word-for-word content of two of Perry's most successful autoresponder sequences.
  • Immediate digital download.