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Price: $39.95 per month
Formats: newsletter, PDF, MP3, CD
Company: Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Renaissance Club Features

Renaissance Club, by Perry Marshall, is for those new to Google AdWords, and want to learn the basics of the art and science of direct marketing online.

Features include:

  • Perry's "The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords" instant PDF download.
  • The Perry Marshall Marketing Letter: 16-page bi-monthly newsletter, and a featured CD audio interview on alternate months.
  • Audio and video bonuses:
    • Quality Score Mastery and Re-Marketing Magic - audio CD and handout.
    • Perry interviews Owen Garrat, an artist pulling down six figures selling drawing (CD interview).
    • The Leverage Point: Bryan Todd and Jack Born talks to P.J. Eby who shows you exactly how to pinpoint choke points in your business (CD interview).
    • John Paul Mendocha's Trip to Financial Armageddon and Back (streaming video & MP3 download).
    • Perry's Banner Ad Epiphany: a recording from Mastermind Club reveals the power of punching through the Jet Stream with a killer banner ad strategy (MP3 download and handout).
  • Special report bonuses:
    • Purging Your Inner Headtrash: Perry opens up about my personal experience with fear of success and self-sabotage. Perry shows you how important it is to speak success language, why you need an alter ego and the illogical nature of success (print newsletter).
    • The 80/20 Report: what is 80/20 and how do you apply it? (printed report).
  • "Open Call-In Days" twice a year.