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Price: $189-989+ per month
Requirements: online
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2Performant Features

2Performant affiliate network software helps you to set up an affiliate network and inhouse affiliate programs.

Features include:

  • 100% white-label.
  • Free setup.
  • Free 3 hours worth of customizations.
  • Dedicated VPS.
  • Advertisers can create an unlimited number of campaigns.
  • Network owners can choose which campaigns are visible and usable by affiliates.
  • Upload an unlimited number of creatives.
  • Approve, reject, and suspend affiliates.
  • Set custom cookie lifetime values.
  • Advertisers and affiliates can communicate directly inside system.
  • Advertisers can send messages to all affiliates from their own campaign.
  • Statistics give affiliates an overview of what's going on in their campaigns.
  • Campaigns directory: affiliates can browse the campaign directory and choose what fits them best. Every campaign is structured in categories.
  • Bookmarklet: affiliates can use the bookmarklet to quickly generate QuickLinks while browsing advertisers sites.
  • You can change any line of text in 2Performant. The internationalization engine allows you overwrite only the strings you want, or create new strings that can be made available in multiple languages.
  • Overwrite any image that is displayed in 2Performant. Images can be displayed according to the language set.
  • Add your own custom CSS and Javascript code.
  • Overwrite the HTML 2Performant uses on any page, including modifying page behavior. Add new pages with your own information.
  • Integrate into social networks and app stores.
  • Creatives include: text links, text ads, and banners (image and flash).
  • Create stores and upload product information.
  • Every product store can be filtered into a feed for affiliates.
  • Create Lead-Gen forms that can be embedded by affiliates on their websites.
  • 3 types of per sale commissioning: fixed price (XX USD), percentage fixed (YY% of sale), percentage variable (like Z% for laptops or U% for books in the same campaign).
  • 2 types of per lead commissioning: fixed (XX USD) or variable (YY USD for hotel reservations and Z USD for plane tickets).
  • Subscription: pay affiliates recurring commissions.
  • Manual commissions: advertisers can send money to affiliates for bonuses, incentives, and more.
  • Access 3rd party apps in the apps marketplace.
  • API: anything you can do via the interface is to be provided as a method. PHP wrapper provider, can be ported to any programming language on request.
  • Action API: generate actions like leads and sales directly via the API.
  • Text Links: HTML <a href> codes that can be embedded anywhere.
  • Text Ads: Google AdWords units that can be embedded on websites.
  • Banners: images & Flash.
  • Forms: create Lead-Gen forms that can be embedded by affiliates on their websites.
  • Free 30 minutes hands on training.