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Advanced Search Engine Marketing Syllabus
Price: $2,280
Formats: online videos and instructor
Company: Bisk Education, Inc.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing Features

Advanced Search Engine Marketing, by the University of San Francisco Online, helps you enhance your SEO and PPC skills.

Features include:

  • 8 week course.
  • 12 to 16 hours of online streaming videos.
  • Video CD-ROMs.
  • 4.5 continuing education units (CEUs).
  • SEO architecture:
    • Essential technology fundamentals.
    • Key navigation and linking principles.
    • Sitemap best practices.
    • Putting the crawling tool to work for you.
    • Google webmaster tools from A to Z.
    • How to use the Bing webmaster tool.
  • SEO content and link building core concepts:
    • Secrets to effective titles and descriptions.
    • Must-know social media concepts.
    • Winning strategies for keywords and alt tags.
    • Can’t-miss content rules.
    • Fundamental link-building concepts.
    • Local search dos and don’ts.
  • SEO content and link building advanced topics:
    • Proven ways to leverage press releases.
    • Can’t-miss strategies for link bait and link buys.
    • Protecting yourself from rogue SEO and black hat tactics.
    • Getting the most from SEO tools.
    • Inspired methods for employing link and position tracking.
    • Dynamic personalized search techniques.
  • Social media and other search topics:
    • Using social media for link building.
    • Effective video and mobile optimization strategies.
    • Leveraging other types of social sites.
    • Employing optimal international SEO methods.
    • Indispensable practices for reputation management.
    • Top reasons and tested ways to monitor industry news.
  • Advanced PPC concepts:
    • Superior bidding and keyword strategies.
    • Critical role of search re-targeting.
    • Must-have methods of tracking video/mobile PPC ROI.
    • Vital tactics for successful geo targeting.
    • Timely landing page optimization techniques.
    • The growing importance of content networks.
  • Advanced Google AdWords:
    • Everything you need to know about Google AdWords.
    • Functionality, interface and reporting secrets of Google AdWords Editor.
    • Successfully using Conversion Optimizer and Website Optimizer.
    • Winning strategies for conversion tracking.
    • Leveraging Google Analytics.
    • Importing Google AdWords campaigns to Yahoo or Bing.
  • Yahoo and Bing PPC:
    • Making the most of Yahoo’s search marketing desktop beta.
    • Understanding the Yahoo agency interface.
    • Navigating Bing Ads.
    • Using Bing specialty tools such as Excel plug-ins.
    • Applying paid bid management tools/services.
    • Exploring other types of PPC advertising (Stumble Upon, ad networks, social media)
  • Case studies tracking/testing:
    • Understanding SEO KPIs.
    • Effectively implementing A/B testing.
    • Invaluable practices for measuring SEO ROI.
    • SEO failures — site penalties & redesigns.
    • SEO success — steady growth strategies.
    • Creative PPC campaigns revealed.
  • Presenters include:
    • Alan K'necht, BA.
    • Jon Henshaw, MA.
    • Joe Laratro, BA.
    • Kate Morris, MBA.