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Advanced Social Media Syllabus
Price: $2,280
Formats: online videos and instructor
Company: Bisk Education, Inc.

Advanced Social Media Features

Advanced Social Media, by the University of San Francisco Online, offers social media training with expert guidance, practical tools and strategies.

Features include:

  • 8 week course.
  • 12 to 16 hours of online streaming videos.
  • Video CD-ROMs.
  • 4.5 continuing education units (CEUs).
  • Introduction to social media:
    • Introduction to advanced social media techniques.
    • Key ways that brand informs social media.
    • Best practices in PR, customer service, monetization and executive strategy prior to social media.
    • The inside scoop on app stores.
  • Listening and monitoring:
    • Expert advice on monitoring your brand and reputation.
    • Listening for a crisis before it happens.
    • Identifying money-making opportunities.
    • Listening for the next big idea.
  • Content creation:
    • Identifying which content is best marketed with social media.
    • How content can help you reach more people.
    • Successfully monetizing your content.
    • Best social media tools and services for content creation.
  • Communication:
    • How social media is changing communications.
    • Solving private problems in a public way.
    • Monetizing communication tools and methods.
    • Managing social media communications.
  • Metrics and science:
    • Measuring brand preference and influence in social media.
    • Measuring customer satisfaction and ROI in social media.
    • Evaluating your social media efforts.
    • Proven social media metrics tools.
  • Legal and ethical considerations:
    • Key legal issues and danger zones in social media.
    • Practical tips for legal issues in social media.
    • Must-know social media policies.
    • Essential contracts and related enforceability issues.
    • Potential liability for intellectual property law violations.
  • Adopting social media:
    • Selling the “Purple Cow”.
    • Case studies: adoption of social media by a marketing firm, PR firm and fortune 500 organization.
    • Case study: profitable social media experiments.
    • Piloting social media projects.
  • Social media case studies:
    • Social media deployment in a campaign.
    • Didiom.
    • Election results.
    • Podcasts.
    • Social media success stories.
    • Communications decency act.
    • Effective use of social media by businesses.
  • Presenters include:
    • Jay Berkowitz, BA.
    • C.C. Chapman, BS.
    • Jim Kukral, BS.
    • Christopher S. Penn, BS, MS.
    • David Bates, BSBA, MBA, JD.
    • Gaida Zirkelbach, BA, MBA, JD.