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Price: free
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows (XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X
Version: 9.8
Company: Google Inc.

AdWords Editor Features

AdWords Editor is free AdWords software to help you manage your AdWords campaigns.

Features include:

  • Add, edit, and delete campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and placements.
  • Sort and view performance statistics.
  • Add or replace multiple ads.
  • Manual edits for individual items.
  • Selective view: show only the items that you want to view or edit.
  • Make bulk changes in just a few steps.
  • Bid changes: edit multiple keyword, placement or ad group bids at once.
  • URL changes: edit any number of destination URLs efficiently.
  • Delete multiple tool.
  • Edit text and WAP mobile ads.
  • Update ad destination URLs.
  • Update images in image ads.
  • Manage ads:
    • Dynamic search ads.
    • Product listing ads.
    • Promoted video ads.
    • Display ad builder ads.
  • Find duplicate keywords.
  • Find keywords that meet performance criteria.
  • Change keyword match types.
  • Regroup all keywords in a campaign.
  • Replace all keywords with new keywords.
  • Work offline and upload your changes anytime.
  • 425x600, 300x600, and 300x1,050 ads can be up to 200K.
  • Check changes function: review and resolve errors and warnings.
  • Detects potential AdWords advertising polices violation.
  • Submit exception request for policies violation.
  • Back up your account, campaign or ad group with the export function.
  • Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns.
  • Navigate through your account quickly and easily.
  • Circulate proposed changes and get feedback from other users.
  • Accept or reject proposed changes individually or all changes at once.
  • Add comment function: for personal reminders or explanations on shared accounts.
  • Creates a summary of changes for your review before posting.
  • Confirms changes with a report of the success of post.
  • Activity manager: shows status of background operations.
  • Check or post multiple accounts at once.
  • Compatible with dynamic search ad campaigns, insertion tags, product listing ads and dynamic ad targets.
  • Accepts a variety of formats to target a topic.
  • Keep working while you post or post changes.
  • Dynamic insertion tags.