AdWords Seminars for Success Homepage
Price: $499-2,295+
Formats: seminars/workshops
Company: Theory LLC

AdWords Seminars for Success Features

AdWords Seminar for Success are 1- and 2-day AdWords training seminars and workshops, available worldwide and officially sponsored by Google.

Features include:

  • Google Certified AdWords trainer.
  • Internationally recognized speaker.
  • 2012 advanced AdWords training SMX workshop:
    • Comprehensive keyword research.
    • Writing compelling ad copy.
    • Ad copy testing.
    • Demystifying quality score.
    • Increase your reach through the Google display network.
    • Control your ad display with location targeting.
    • Increase your landing page conversions.
    • Networking opportunities.
  • Pubcon master training:
    • Session 1: creating a successful account structure
      • Account structure.
      • Ad copy testing.
    • Session 2: quality score, advanced bidding, and time management
      • Quality score.
      • Advanced bidding case studies.
      • Time management.
    • You will also learn:
      • How to apply a simple but powerful framework to all your conversion optimization.
      • How to use testing to understand your customers’ motivation.
      • How to choose from three types of action pages.
      • What 9 variables to include in your landing page and the five dimensions to rate them.
      • How to get your customers’ attention, keep them engaged.
      • How 30 key optimization factors can be broken down into four main categories.
      • How to select the tools that are appropriate for each task involved in optimizing landing pages.
  • AdWords seminar 301: advanced account optimization (day 1)
    • Psychology of search.
    • Best practices for PPC success.
    • Advanced optimization techniques.
    • Quality score demystified.
    • Beyond text – multimedia ads.
    • Content network deep dive.
    • Advanced geographic targeting.
    • AdWords editor: quick and easy account changes.
    • Google analytics implementation.
    • Open Q&A.
  • AdWords seminar 302: advanced conversion optimization (day 2)
    • Setting profitable business goals.
    • Putting your ad dollars to work.
    • Learn how to track conversions.
    • Exploring ROI and profit.
    • Effective bidding strategies.
    • My client center.
    • Successful account organization.
    • Find effective messages through split testing.
    • Be more productive using AdWords reports.
    • Google analytics reporting.
    • Click quality and reporting.
    • Even more tools for effective research.
    • Resources.
    • Open Q&A.
  • Trainers - Brad Geddes, Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg.
    • Brad Geddes is:
      • the founder of Certified Knowledge.
      • a Google Certified AdWords Trainer.
      • the author of "Advanced Google AdWords".
      • host of Marketing Nirvana on Webmaster Radio.
      • a columnist for Search Engine Land.
  • Lunch included.