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Price: $95-500+ per month
Requirements: online
Company: Move Software, LLC Features's affiliate marketing software aggregates commission data from affiliate networks, and helps you manage your PPC campaigns.

Features include:

  • Automatically aggregates commission data from dozens of affiliate networks: CJ, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network, ShareASale, PepperJam Network, ClickBank, PartnerFusion, Converseon, Kowabunga, etc.
  • Automate your ROI (return on investment) analysis.
  • Alarms and notifications alert you to areas of concern in your campaigns.
  • Create campaigns on multiple search engines at once.
  • Bid management: save time by changing bids within reports and accepting recommended bids.
  • AutoSync: retrieves your data from tier one search engines and the most popular affiliate networks.
  • Bulk converter, for large conversion jobs of 100,000 keywords or more.
  • Data manager: add, edit or delete search engines and affiliate networks.
  • Compatible with many third party systems and tools.
  • Automatically aggregates cost data.
  • 2 Minute integration wizard.
  • Archive management and data storage.
  • Analyze performance across many reports:
    • Actionable reporting.
    • Charts and graphs.
    • Export reports to Excel.
    • Dashboard reporting.
    • Merchant revenue summary report.
    • Network revenue summary report.
    • Network revenue detail report.
    • Website summary report.
    • Daily profit and loss report.
    • Executive profit and loss report.
    • Campaign profit and loss reports.
    • Search engine profit and loss reports.
    • Ad group profit and loss reports.
    • Ad group summary reports.
    • Ad group winners report.
    • Ad group losers report.
    • Keyword profit and loss reports.
    • Keyword summary reports.
    • Keyword winners report.
    • Keyword losers reports.
  • Quick keyword search.
  • Monitors cost per click.
  • Click volume monitors.
  • Keyword launch monitors.
  • Direct and indirect linking available.
  • Multi channel tracking.
  • Archive management.
  • Audit history.
  • WordTracker keyword suggestion tools.
  • Upgrade or downgrade at anytime if you need more or less storage, users, or support.