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Price: free/$49.95-349.95+ per month (7 day free trial)
Requirements: online
Company: Beevolve Technology Services Pvt. Ltd

Beevolve Features

Beevolve social media monitoring tools help you monitor and analyze your social media campaigns.

Features include:

  • Monitor 1 to 40+ search terms.
  • 1 to 10+ users.
  • 1,000 to unlimited conversations per month.
  • Monitor: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, traditional news publications, and real-time web.
  • Spam filtering: focus more on the relevant conversations.
  • Interact with people on Twitter and Facebook directly from the dashboard.
  • Real-time monitoring, See updates as they are happening on the web.
  • Sentiment analysis: automated evaluation of the tone of conversations.
  • Competitive analytics: compare key metrics against the competition.
  • Analyze conversations by geographic regions, age groups, gender or interests.
  • See what's happening with summarized news stories.
  • Identify and engage with active influencers to promote brand and products.
  • Look at buzz, sentiment, and tag cloud of monitored conversations.
  • Generate custom PDF and Excel reports for sharing with colleagues and clients.
  • Email alerts for unusual spikes as well as daily summary reports.
  • Tag conversations, override sentiment, and assign to your colleagues for follow-up.
  • Measure your social media ROI.
  • Social marketing and measurement:
    • Social publishing.
    • Schedule campaigns.
    • Campaign performance reports.
    • Social ROI tracking.
  • Analytics and insights:
    • Sentiment analysis.
    • Sentiment override.
    • Share of voice.
    • Tag cloud.
    • Emotional context cloud.
    • Demographic filters.
    • Country filters.
    • City-level filters.
    • Language filters.
    • Author industry filters.
  • Collaboration, engagement and reporting:
    • Assign tasks.
    • Mark as spam.
    • Email alerts.
    • PDF reports.
    • Export to Excel.
    • Twitter engagement.
  • API access.
  • Email, phone and account manager support.