Bing Ads Editor Homepage
Price: free
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Version: 9.0
Company: Microsoft Corporation

Bing Ads Editor Features

Bing Ads Editor PPC software helps you manage and optimize your Bing Ads campaigns from your desktop.

Features include:

  • Download changes to your account to your desktop.
  • Sync subscribed campaigns and accounts.
  • Make changes or additions offline and upload all revisions with one click.
  • Edit ads, ad groups and keywords at once.
  • Uses familiar Office interface.
  • Create and import campaigns with copy paste feature.
  • Multiple changes wizard.
  • Find and replace ad copy and negative keywords.
  • Step by step walk through instructions.
  • Preview function available.
  • Import Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Automatic performance alerts:
    • On-key performance behaviors.
    • On-status changes to budgets, ad groups and keywords.
  • Discover new keywords using keyword research tools.
  • Manage multiple accounts from campaign level to individual ad level.
  • Supports tab-separated, comma-separated, and Excel files for importing campaigns.
  • Copy and paste from Excel feature.
  • Identify conflicts, updates, and errors.
  • Subscribe to specific accounts and campaigns.
  • Resolve data conflicts using the conflicts view.
  • Determine changes and errors from the browser and manager panes.
  • Resolve errors with the error view.
  • Campaign optimization from your desktop.
  • Keyword generation tool.
  • Keyword intelligence tools: to improve bidding and targetting strategies.
  • Keyword bid estimation tools: helps you place optimal keyword bids.
  • Set targetting and incremental bids in bulk.
  • Copy targetting from one campaign or ad group to another.
  • Import 50 ads per ad group at once.
  • Export campaigns and ad groups from Bing Ads Editor.
  • Find campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that meet specific criteria.
  • Publisher performance report: identify which sites are not delivering the results you want.
  • Prevent ads from showing up on search-syndicated sites.
  • Supports radius targetting.
  • Formerly Microsoft adCenter Desktop.