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Price: $18.47/20.26
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: August 30, 2011

Bloggers Boot Camp Features

Bloggers Boot Camp: Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog, by John Biggs and Charlie White, shows you how to build a great blog from the ground up.

Features include:

  • 224 pages.
  • Gather the ideal tools for blogging.
  • Uncover a niche for your blog.
  • Discover the best ways to spread the word about your new blog.
  • Find the most compelling stories to write about.
  • Learning the subtle art of constructing a compelling, engaging blog post.
  • Stimulate your readers to directly participate in the two-way conversation.
  • Teaches writers how to blog and bloggers how to write.
  • Offers a simple method for writing every day.
  • Discover a simple formula for creating compelling content.
  • Learning basic HTML for bloggers.
  • Picking a domain.
  • Discover ready made blogging platforms.
  • Learn about running your own server.
  • Enhancing your writing by reading.
  • Essential blogging skills to get you through the day.
  • Blog photography tips.
  • Producing intros to posts.
  • Learn about writing your contact page.
  • Spreading the word about your blog.
  • How to decide what matters to your readers.
  • Finding news.
  • Using RSS feeds.
  • How to select sites for RSS feeds.
  • Using social media.
  • Dealing with PR people.
  • 10 questions to ask before posting.
  • Learn how to write a blog post.
  • Top 5 grammar goofs.
  • How to use graphics.
  • Understanding spam.
  • SEO for bloggers.
  • Promoting with Twitter.
  • How to measure your success.
  • How to make money with your blog.
  • How to find bloggers.
  • About the authors:
    • John Biggs writes about technology, security, gadget, gear, wristwatches, and the Internet.
    • Charlie White is senior editor of Mashable. Before joining Mashable, he was deputy editor of NBC Universal's DVICE, senior associate editor for Gizmodo, and executive producer of Digital Media Net.