Email Marketing Advanced Training Homepage
Price: £695
Formats: workshop
Company: Limited

Email Marketing Advanced Training Features

Email Marketing Advanced Training are 1-day, advanced email marketing training workshops in London and Manchester, UK.

Features include:

  • 1-day courses.
  • 9:30am to 4:30pm.
  • Limited to 8 places per workshop.
  • Use the latest trends, themes and insights.
  • Have your email campaigns reviewed by an expert.
  • Session 1, start at the beginning:
    • Creating a strategy.
    • Understanding the value of an email address.
    • Building subscriber personas.
    • Calculating the lifetime value of a customer.
    • Utilizing RFM (Recency, Frequecy, Monetary) analysis.
    • Growing your list: including offline, online, viral and data acquisition.
    • Retaining your list: welcome programmes, preference centers.
    • Winning back your list.
  • Session 2, creative and optimization:
    • Using wireframes.
    • Designing for images blocked.
    • Designing for the mobile audience.
    • Understanding your results.
    • Measuring the relevant metric.
    • Advanced segmentation.
    • Dynamic content.
  • Session 3, last but not least:
    • Integrating email with other channels.
    • What to look out for in the future.
    • Campaign critique and improvements.
  • The trainer: Kath is currently chair of the Events and Communications Hub of the UK DMA's Email Marketing Council, and is editor of its newsletter Infobox which has 6,000 subscribers. She's also a regular blogger on many industry blogs, and speaks at both national and international industry events.