Email Marketing Best Practice Guide Homepage
Price: $400
Formats: PDF
Released: January, 2012
Company: Limited

Email Marketing Best Practice Guide Features

Email Marketing Best Practice Guide, by Dr Dave Chaffey, will help you understand, implement and execute email strategies for maximum ROI.

Features include:

  • 145+ pages.
  • Learn how to measure your email campaigns.
  • Auditing and benchmarking email programme effectiveness.
  • Shows you how to deliver your messages effectively.
  • Learn the best newsletter strategies.
  • How to incorporate social media.
  • Set yourself aims and goals.
  • How to segment and target groups.
  • Communication strategies.
  • Learn creative and copywriting.
  • Testing and optimization.
  • How to build quality lists.
  • Offers legal guidance, so you stay compliant with anti-spam laws.
  • Email deliverability.
  • Templates and renderability.
  • Email marketing management systems.
  • Learn about Spam filter checks based on email characteristics and sender reputation.
  • About the author: Dr Dave Chaffey is a specialist internet marketing author, trainer and consultant providing services direct to clients through his company Marketing Insights Limited.

    Dave is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing "gurus" worldwide who "have shaped the future of marketing".