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Price: $1,050 or $200 per module
Formats: online, tutor supervision
Company: Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC.

Email Strategy Features

Email Strategy offers 7 tutor supervised email marketing training modules to help you maximize your email marketing efforts.

Features include:

  • Full course contains 7 modules.
  • Approx 1 hour per module.
  • Courses are CPD-certified.
  • 1 CPD point per module.
  • Tutor supervision.
  • Group discounts.
  • 15 to 25% discount on multiple module purchase.
  • Module 1: compliant email:
    • The laws relating to email marketing.
    • Canadian laws: FISA and PIPED.
    • UK laws: EC Directive and Data Protection Act.
    • US laws: CAN-SPAM and COPPA.
    • Easy ways to comply with these laws.
    • Additional resources.
  • Module 2: getting to the inbox:
    • Why deliverability is an issue in general.
    • The key elements of reputation.
    • Aspects that can affect deliverability.
    • Additional resources that can be of use.
  • Module 3: email format:
    • Ensure that creatives carry the correct messages.
    • Use snippets and autopreview to increase success rates.
    • Design preview panes.
    • Develop effective email newsletters.
    • Incorporate video in email.
    • Increase reach through social media sharing.
    • Choose the most effective "voice."
    • Incorporate calls to action.
    • Devise effective communication for mobile devices.
    • Choose the correct coding and rendering.
    • Find additional resources available to assist you.
  • Module 4: email ROI:
    • Track and report on how people are interacting with your email.
    • Measure the revenue impact.
    • A consideration of the usefulness of industry and internal benchmarks.
    • Tracking send and performance metrics.
    • Effective use of click-through and conversion metrics.
    • A consideration of additional resources that may be of use.
  • Module 5: building your data list:
    • List the key methods available for developing your email data list.
    • Segmentation - identifying logical groups within the audience.
    • Creating a persona for each group.
    • Differentiate between the various methods of creative email acquisition.
    • Decide among the relevant tactics.
    • Appreciate the usefulness of segmentation.
    • Assess the need for ongoing maintenance.
  • Module 6: sending strategy:
    • The fundamentals of email strategy.
    • The benefits and drawbacks to consider when arranging the frequency of marketing email messages.
    • How to use existing data and knowledge of your audience to determine the best day and time to send your emails.
    • The value of an email calendar that defines the schedule and includes seasonal priorities and email initiatives.
    • The value of a production schedule and the benefits for producing creative and informative content for your emails.
    • The four different formats in which to program your emails and the advantages of each.
  • Module 7: email strategy:
    • How email strategy can help you meet your marketing objectives.
    • The key components of lead generation via email.
    • The advantages of building a "drip campaign" into your email strategy.
    • The benefits of direct sales emails and what you can do to successfully create high sales turnaround.
    • The value of a quality email strategy that will help you retain customers and build relationships with your readers.
  • Course tutor: Jeanne S. Jennings is a consultant, author and speaker on effective email marketing strategy and tactics. Her clients include Hasbro, Mayo Clinic, Boston Museum of Science, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Verizon and Weight Watchers International.
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