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Price: $189/year (90 day free trial)
License: 1 year, 1 computer/user
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, .NET Framework 3.5+, Excel 2007+, Primary Interop Assemblies, Tools for Office Runtime
Version: 1.1
Company: Ampliofy

Excellent Analytics Pro Features

Excellent Analytics Pro web analytics tool is an Excel add-in which imports your Google Analytics data into Excel.

Features include:

  • Intuitive Excel interface.
  • Refresh all queries on a worksheet/workbook with one update.
  • Run the same query for multiple profiles in Google Analytics.
  • Import all rows from Google Analytics (not limited to 10,000 rows).
  • Use Excel's formulas and charts.
  • Calculate your own KPIs.
  • Build your own dashboards and scorecards in Excel.
  • Automate analytics reporting.
  • Export data to Excel even when you're not logged in.
  • Build queries with all dimension and metrics available in Google Analytics.
  • Create advanced queries with filters.
  • Custom query can hold 7 dimensions and 10 metrics.
  • Update results with saved queries.
  • Select and limit who can run the query.
  • Run queries across or for specific segments.
  • Filter the query through metrics or dimension for easier analysis.
  • Multiple metric or dimension sort function.
  • Query editor:
    • Supports creation of customized queries.
    • Copy and paste functions also available.
  • Transpose data to bring analysis to another level.
  • Works behind proxies.
  • Custom delay between queries.
  • Debug mode allows information to be collected in cases of potential bugs.
  • Customize results to show specific quantum of data.
  • Combine data from multiple data sources.
  • Share work books with other Excel users.