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Price: $27/67/97 per month
Requirements: online
Company: Hubze Inc.

FanPageEngine Features

FanPageEngine's drag and drop online software helps you create Facebook pages.

Features include:

  • No design or coding skills needed.
  • Instant publishing to Facebook.
  • Page builder app lets you create completely custom pages.
  • Deals application: create timed (or limitless) deals and promotions for your Facebook page.
  • Contest application: your customers can compete for prizes.
  • Sweepstakes application: create sweepstakes for your Facebook pages.
  • EZ leads application: publish lead capture videos or presentations to get prospects excited about your products.
  • Video contest application.
  • Built in "Like gate" and sharing.
  • 15+ customizable design widgets.
  • Professional page themes.
  • Timeline ready.
  • White label: removes branding from your pages.
  • HTML and i-frame widgets for advanced customization: with html and i-frame widgets you can paste your own creations into your pages.
  • Create image and gallery pages.
  • Automatically add your opt-in list to your deals page.
  • Track your deals and fans: track your fan counts and the number of deals that have been "served" or accepted.
  • Video contest app.
  • Business folders.
  • Invoicing platform.
  • Unlimited Facebook pages.
  • Multiple page managers.
  • Save custom themes.
  • Training videos including live weekly webinars.
  • Customer support: ticket system.
  • 100% money back guarantee.