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Price: $229/299/399 per year (1 month free trial)
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows (Excel 2003/2007/2010/2011)/Mac OS X Excel 2011
Version: 3
Company: MT Analytics

GA Data Grabber Features

GA Data Grabber web analytics tools combines metrics for multiple sites into a single view for Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ads.

Features include:

  • Multiple user account login: combining data over user accounts.
  • Fetch up to a million rows of results.
  • Dynamic date ranges in reports.
  • Fetches any metrics available through the Analytics/AdWords/Bing Ads API's.
  • Automated KPI reporting.
  • Customizable charts.
  • Add formulas to calculate your own KPI based on the data generated.
  • Split results by dimensions.
  • Parallel query run.
  • Pick several Google Analytics segments into one report.
  • Generates charts and other visualizations.
  • Publish Excel data to the net via Google Charts API.
  • Generates PowerPoint presentations of the results.
  • Export reports to PDF or to separate Excel files.
  • Filter by advanced segments or custom filter.
  • Automatically calculates % difference and shows trending performance
  • Keyword tool:
    • Fetch stats such as search volumes, trends and competition metrics for a set of keywords defined.
    • Fetch new keyword ideas based on the input.
  • Authentication is done via OAuth, a secure method recommended by Google.
  • Works inside Excel - no installation needed.
  • Compatible with Google Documents spreadsheet.
  • Updates free with license purchase.
  • Share easy: not a plugin but an embedded code in the spreadsheet.
  • New API features immediately available.
  • Query parameters can be output from other functions or macros.