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Price: $14.99/16.46
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Version: 3rd edition
Released: December, 2011

Google AdWords For Dummies Features

Google AdWords For Dummies 3rd edition, by Howie Jacobson, Joel McDonald, and Kristie McDonald, is a guide to help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns.

Features include:

  • 432 pages.
  • 85% updated or new content.
  • $25 Google AdWords credit.
  • Get started: learn to set up your account, use the AdWords Dashboard, plan your campaign, and write magnetic ads.
  • See what's new: explore the changes in the AdWords interface, new free tools, and enhanced third-party tools.
  • Optimize: see how the Website Optimizer works and how to effectively test landing page elements, order forms, and other aspects of your site.
  • Economize: use conversion tracking to keep your costs low.
  • What's best: benefit from best practices in split testing, opt-in landing page structure, and ad group structure.
  • Discover what works: learn from case studies where readers of the first edition share their experience and techniques they've used.
  • How to turn clicks into cash.
  • Secrets for writing ads that attract clicks.
  • How to control what your campaign costs.
  • Why you want to discourage some people from clicking.
  • Tips for choosing keywords that work.
  • How Google Analytics can help you increase sales.
  • Ways to identify your market.
  • About the authors:
    • Howie Jacobson is an internet marketing strategist who specializes in helping clients succeed with Google AdWords.
    • Joel McDonald is a Google AdWords consultant and conference speaker.
    • Kristie McDonald s a Google AdWords Certified Professional and a strategic marketing consultant.