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Price: $14.09/14.79
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: October 6, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies Features

Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies, by Jonathan Margolis and Patrick Garrigan, is packed with guerilla tactics and trade secrets.

Features include:

  • 384 pages.
  • Understand guerrilla marketing.
  • Discover nontraditional marketing programs.
  • The pros and cons of guerrilla methods.
  • Learn to reach customers wherever they are.
  • Learn how to develop a cohesive guerrilla marketing campaign.
  • Budget friendly ways to go guerrilla.
  • Discover how to capitalize on the hottest trends.
  • Discover how to make products and brands stand out.
  • Use buzz, viral, grassroots, and experiential marketing.
  • Work with existing contacts, publicists, and the press.
  • The must have elements of a cohesive campaign.
  • Discover ways to cut through constant marketing clutter.
  • Learn how to write a great press release.
  • Discover opportunities for partnerships and tie-ins.
  • Find out 10 practically perfect campaigns.
  • When and how to hire the pros.
  • Find out the 10 obstacles to avoid.
  • Discovering your outlets.
  • Learn marketing at street level.
  • Learn how to become a 1 person public relations outlet.
  • Taking your message to the streets.
  • Discover how to build a powerful online presence.
  • Learn how to develop a web site.
  • Using search engine optimization.
  • How to buy banner ads.
  • Learn and discover how to create blogs.
  • Shows you how to utilize social networking.
  • Spread the word: leverage existing contacts, pitch to the press, and work with publicists.
  • About the authors: Jonathan Margolis and Patrick Garrigan bring the expertise that they've developed within the Michael Alan Group, a recognized leader in non-traditional marketing. Holding more than 2,000 events annually, the firm works primarily with entertainment and lifestyle brands, specializing in innovative, street-level initiatives across the country.