Internet Marketing Software

The Internet Marketing Software section contains internet marketing software, products and services that will help you market your website to generate more traffic, sales and profits.
grosocial screenshot
Price: $29.95/59.95/mth | Tags: social media tools
GroSocial offers web-based social media tools that help you to build and track social media campaigns. Features: unlimited Facebook & Twitter covers, content management, monitoring & analytics, drag-and-drop tab builders, readymade templates, create promotions, winner generator, Facebook widgets, scheduling, and export data.
The Best of Guerrilla Marketing screenshot
Price: $11.99/13.28 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: guerilla marketing
The Best of Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie Levinson, offers strategies, tactics, and tools from 35+ guerrilla marketing books. Features: 304 pages, strategies and tactics, learn about guerrilla marketing, guerilla marketing secrets, and learn the 50 golden rules.
Guerrilla Social Media Marketing screenshot
Price: $11.99/13.28 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: guerilla marketing, social media marketing
Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson, teaches you how to implement guerrilla marketing with social media networks. Features: 240 pages, action plans, 20 types of ROI, 22 point checklist, 100+ tools, nano targeting, and marketing calender.
Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days screenshot
Price: $11.99/14.77 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: guerilla marketing
Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager, is a 30 day guerrilla marketing plan. Features: 304 pages, daily goals, daily goals and tasks, 2 bonus days, proven principles, creative planning, marketing plan, and niche strategies.
Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies screenshot
Price: $14.09/14.79 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: guerilla marketing
Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies, by Jonathan Margolis and Patrick Garrigan, is packed with guerilla tactics and trade secrets. Features: 384 pages, pros and cons, understand guerrilla marketing, budget friendly ways, SEO, how to buy banner ads, and use buzz.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guerrilla Marketing screenshot
Price: $11.99/18.95 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: guerilla marketing
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guerrilla Marketing, by Susan Drake and Colleen Wells, offers attention-grabbing, money-saving guerrilla marketing ideas. Features: 352 pages, practical ideas, detailed blueprint, viral and buzz marketing.
Your Website Spokesperson screenshot
Price: $39.95-139.95+/mth | Tags: video spokesperson
Your Website Spokesperson offers a custom transparent talking video spokesperson for your website. Features: 100+ models, 20+ video presentation options, pricing per second, unlimited video hosting, online demos, monthly visitor reporting, HD video, use your own props, and green screen technology.
Live Face On Web screenshot
Price: $259.95-3,218.95 | Tags: video spokesperson
Live Face On Web allows your website to have an interactive video spokesperson person as the face of your company. Features: 8 different lengths, 3 different sizes, script creation service, male and female models, specify location, green screen technology, use your own props, HD video, and customizable presentations.
Impact Spokesperson screenshot
Price: $99-564+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Impact Spokesperson offers an online video spokesperson to help you retain website visitors and increase sales. Features: 3 camera shots, 7 placement options, quick turnaround, HD video, bilingual player, no monthly fees, free hosting, close captioning, High definition video 1080p, and ASL sign language actors.
Tweople screenshot
Price: $29+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Tweople offers interactive online video spokesperson and custom video services for your website. Features: male and female actors, child actors, pre-made themes/messages, you on your site, interactive player, use props, multiple formats, free hosting, HD video, royalty free, script assistance, and hold message boards.
Model2Web screenshot
Price: $35-95+ | Tags: video spokesperson
Model2Web offers a custom real talking video spokesperson on your website helping you to deliver the exact message you want your visitors to hear. Features: per word pricing, real actors, easy installation, HD video, no hosting costs, pick your actor, unbranded, greenscreen technology, and free demo on your website.
VoiceBunny screenshot
Price: $9.95-693+ | Tags: voice over talent
VoiceBunny offers 100,000+ voice over talent, in over 50 languages, providing ready-to-use audio for any type of project. Features: 100k+ talents, 50+ languages, low as 4ยข per word, autopodcast your articles, unlimited supply, API, real acting, audio ads, and impersonated celebrity voices. screenshot
Price: $100+ | Tags: voice over talent is an online destination for searching, auditioning and hiring professional narrators, voice actors, and voice over talent. Features: 20,000+ voice over demos, 5,000+ profiles, 100+ languages, unlimited quotes, worldwide database, sample recordings, express service, share demos, and broadcast ready files.
Voice123 screenshot
Price: $20+ | Tags: voice over talent
Voice123 is an online casting provider, voice marketplace, and directory of voice over talent and producers. Features: 3,000+ voice over talents, 1,000s of voice producers, post projects, online auditioning system, unlimited quotes, worldwide database, hire directly and within budget, male and female voices.
The Voice Realm screenshot
Price: $40+ | Tags: voice over talent
The Voice Realm is a voice over casting website where you can find and hire voice over talent, actors, and announcers. Features: 100s of voice over artists, worldwide database, free voice over auditions, handpicked, fast casting system, male and female voice talent, listen to demos, and no ongoing contracts.
Sparkol screenshot
Price: free/$22/mth | Requires: Windows/Mac/iPad/Android | Tags: web video production
Sparkol offers 2 products in 1, Sparkol Presentations and VideoScribe, that allow anyone to create web video productions and presentations. Features: stop-motion capture style, lifelike drawing style, HD output, unlimited online storage, fast rendering, music and fonts libraries.
Animoto screenshot
Price: free/$5-39/mth | Tags: web video production
Animoto offers an online web video production tool that turns your photos, video clips, and music into videos that you can share. Features: 1,100+ music library, commercial License, white-label, unbranded videos, HD downloads, plug-ins, mobile apps, theme and styles library, 7 different resolutions, and iPhone and Android apps.
GoAnimate screenshot
Price: free/$6-79/mth | Tags: web video production
GoAnimate online web video production tools let you create demo, product, and promotional videos for your business. Features: drag-and-drop interface, HD videos, 50+ template characters, 150+ character poses, 20+ backgrounds, character creator, text-to-speech, character library, and supports 20+ languages.
iSpring Pro screenshot
Price: $299 | Requires: Windows | Tags: web video production
iSpring Pro web video production software transforms PowerPoint content into Flash presentations with voice overs, video narrations and custom branding. Features: 3D transitions, AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips, record/import audio, SmartArt objects, transition effects, insert web links, marker tools, animations and triggers.
Camtasia Studio screenshot
Price: $99/299 | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: web video production
Camtasia Studio web video production software lets you record on-screen activity, add imported media, create interactive content, and share HD videos. Features: drag-and-drop interface, screen recording, editing tools, multi-track timeline, media asset library, visual effects, and animate content.
PowToon screenshot
Price: free/$9-247/mth | Tags: web video production
PowToon is an online do-it-yourself animated web video production software that allows anyone to create animated presentations. Features: drag-and-drop interface, up to 60 minutes in length, HD quality, effect combos, import music, pre-designed themes, animated character library, pre-designed images and themes.
Location Based Marketing For Dummies screenshot
Price: $15.74/16.23 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: local seo
Location Based Marketing For Dummies, by Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider, explains how to build, launch, and measure a location-based marketing program. Features: 288 pages, campaigns to consider, reward ideas, and how to analyze results.
Webcentric Local Business Marketing screenshot
Price: $10/13.95 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: local seo
Webcentric Local Business Marketing, by David M. Sandy, is a guide for local businesses looking to market themselves using the internet. Features: 142 pages, local SEO, Google AdWords Express, Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools.
Local SEO screenshot
Price: $6.97 | Formats: Kindle | Tags: local seo
How To Get More Customers From Google, YELP & Yahoo, by Kathleen McDivitt, is a guide for developing, managing and measuring your local SEO. Features: 42 pages, mobile marketing, customer reviews, keyword research, using SIRI, building listings, and measuring your success.
Local SEO screenshot
Price: $4.99 | Formats: Kindle | Tags: local seo
Local SEO, by David VanBergen, offers a guide to help you establish an internet presence that will put your business in front of your potential customers. Features: 49 pages, easy to understand, outlines basic definitions, SEO, social media, article directories, video marketing, and keyword research for local searches.
Squeeze Ninja screenshot
Price: $19.95 | Requires: web host, PHP 4+ | Tags: landing page software
Squeeze Ninja landing page software lets you create text, graphic, and video squeeze pages with 1000s of styles and design variations. Features: point & click, create unlimited pages, autoresponder integration, build multiple lists, track conversions and stats, and automatic thank you pages.
A1 Sitemap Generator screenshot
Price: $49/69 | Requires: Windows | Tags: sitemap generator
A1 Sitemap Generator lets you create many kinds of sitemaps including HTML, RSS and XML Google sitemaps. Features: 25,000-unlimited pages, index blogs/forums, decide pages shown, submits and pings, files splitting, GZip compression, customize layout and code, built-in FTP upload, XML sitemaps protocol, and import lists of URLs.
Sitemap Automator screenshot
Price: $29.95 | Requires: Windows/Mac | Tags: sitemap generator
Sitemap Automator offers a sitemap generator that lets you create XML sitemap files and help fix SEO problems with your site. Features: compatible with all major search engines, automatically collects all links, splits large sitemaps, compare keyword performance, and Works with iWeb based websites.
Unlimited Sitemap Generator screenshot
Price: free/$19.99+ or $4.99-19.99/mth | Requires: Apache/Windows | Tags: sitemap generator
Unlimited Sitemap Generator is a PHP script which runs on the server that hosts your website. Features: XML, HTML, images, video, news, text and mobile sitemap, works with dynamic sites, sitemap splitting, broken links detection, and automatic pings.
Sitemap Creator screenshot
Price: $39.95 | Requires: Windows | Tags: sitemap generator
Sitemap Creator 4 offers a Windows desktop sitemap generator thats creates sitemaps for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Features: unlimited sitemap size, built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP client, automatically ping search engines, split sitemap files, scheduled sitemap generation, Gzip output, exclude pages, and 404 detection.
SiteMap X screenshot
Price: free | Requires: Windows | Tags: sitemap generator
SiteMap X offers a free sitemap generator which can also help to discover problems like dead links. Features: unlimited sitemap size, unlimited project configuration, built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP client, scheduled sitemap creation, supports Google, Yahoo, and Bing, find dead links, set maximum links, and 6 language packs.
SalesNexus screenshot
Price: $55-75/mth | Tags: crm software
SalesNexus web based CRM software helps you capture leads, automate the response, and measure your performance. Features: email marketing, autoresponders, contact management, opt-in/out email lists, Outlook sync, reporting wizards, step-by-step processes, prospect alerts, mobile CRM, web-to-lead forms, and analytics.
Sage CRM screenshot
Price: $45+/mth | Tags: crm software
Sage CRM software helps capture leads, improve sales, and stay connected with customers. Features: cloud-based or on-premise, exchange server integration, contact management, sales forecasting, interactive dashboard, keyword searches, automated drip marketing, 3rd party add-ons, Outlook integration, and data import.
SugarCRM screenshot
Price: $30-60+/user/mth | Tags: crm software
SugarCRM is an open source, web-based CRM software platform for communicating with prospects and customers. Features: on-site/cloud deployment, scheduled data backups, 15-250GB storage, social media integration, mobile device accessibility, pre-built reports, multi-currency support, 22 languages, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.
Vtiger screenshot
Price: $12/user/mth | Tags: crm software
Vtiger cloud based CRM software offer tools to improve sales conversions and build customer relationships. Features: no contracts, 5GB online storage, pre-built reports, automated backups, uses Amazon's EC2 servers, pre-built dashboards, mobile apps, drag-and-drop modules, analytics, reports, charts, mobile apps, and email integration.
Zoho CRM screenshot
Price: free/$12-25+/mth | Tags: crm software
Zoho CRM software offers online tools for managing your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single platform. Features: 5-500MB default storage, up to 25 profiles, 5-unlimited email templates, mass email, autoresponders, social CRM, multiple currencies, custom apps, workflow alerts, rules, and tasks.
SMMU Business Blogging screenshot
Price: $797 | Formats: online videos, MP3s, webinars | Tags: how to blog
SMMU Business Blogging helps you to learn how to blog with an online course, live Q&A, and guest expert webinars. Features: 6 sessions, immediate access, streaming online videos, audio MP3s, unabridged transcripts, certificate of training webinars, and step-by-step cheat sheets.
E-junkie screenshot
Price: $5-265+/mth | Tags: affiliate networks
E-junkie affiliate network provides a platform for sellers to sell their downloadable products, and affiliates to earn commissions. Features: no bandwidth or transaction fees, 6 month buyer cookie, detailed sales statistics, 50-7,000 MB of storage, no installation required, centrally managed service, and inventory management.
Word of Mouth Marketing screenshot
Price: $10.85/11.99/17.95 | Formats: paperback, Kindle, audio | Tags: viral marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing, by Andy Sernovitz, shows how companies get their best customers through the power of word-of-mouth viral marketing. Features: 240 pages, getting your message to travel, tracking, social media, viral marketing, evangelists, buzz, and creating action plan.
Your Band Is A Virus screenshot
Price: $11.99/16.99 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: viral marketing
Your Band Is A Virus, by James Moore, offers viral marketing advice and strategies for musicians or bands looking for exposure. Features: 76 pages, music marketing guide, DIY promotional strategies, using micro-job sites, branding, guerilla marketing, podcasts, and promoting to music blogs.
Viral Explosions! screenshot
Price: $14.31/17.15 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: viral marketing
Viral Explosions!, by Peggy McColl, teaches viral marketing techniques to establish an online presence and build your brand. Features: 224 pages, reaching a global audience, generate additional revenue, customer loyalty, build a subscriber base, and launching your viral explosion.
The Secrets Of Word-of-Mouth Marketing screenshot
Price: $11.19/14.00 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: viral marketing
The Secrets Of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, by George Silverman, provides step-by-step guidance for constructing a viral marketing campaign. Features: 272 pages, case studies, delivery mechanisms, and targeting Web 2.0 customers.
The New Rules of Marketing & PR screenshot
Price: $10.39/11.87 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: viral marketing, social media marketing
The New Rules of Marketing & PR, by David Meerman Scott, teaches you the latest trends in marketing and PR. Features: 366 pages, online forums, RSS feeds, create your own Wiki, power of blogs, using audio & video, mobile marketing, podcasting, social networking, and SEO.
Increase Online Sales Through Viral Social Networking screenshot
Price: $11.98/24.95 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: viral marketing, social media marketing
Increase Online Sales Through Viral Social Networking, by Stephen Woessner, teaches you the fundamentals of social media and viral marketing. Features: 288 pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, create accounts, and build an online community.
ShareASale screenshot
Price: 20% of com/mth + $550 (set-up) | Tags: affiliate networks
ShareASale affiliate network offer multiple tools for merchants to sell products, and 1000s of products for affiliates to promote. Features: 3,000+ merchant offerings, monthly payments, stats in real-time, video tools, no exclusive contracts, widget maker, and datafeed upload.
ClickBank screenshot
Price: 7.5% + $1/sale + $49.95/product (set-up) | Tags: affiliate networks
ClickBank offers an affiliate network for sellers wanting to sell digital products, and affiliates looking to promote digital products online. Features: 100,000+ active affiliates in 145 countries, ClickBank provides customer support, 31 currencies, iPhone app, and sales statistics.
Commission Junction screenshot
Price: 30%/mth ($500 min.) + $3,000 (set-up) | Tags: affiliate networks
Commission Junction provides affiliate network services for both publishers and advertisers. Features: real-time tracking and reporting, performance metrics, media services, automated targeting, tax form processing, private branded experience, and pay per call service.
Google Affiliate Network screenshot
Price: 25% of com/mth ($500 min.) + $1,000 (set-up) | Tags: affiliate networks
Google Affiliate Network helps advertisers increase online conversions on a performance basis and publishers monetize traffic with affiliate ads. Features: flexible commissions, real-time reporting, global affiliate publishers, automated publisher payments, and performance reports.
SMMU Local Marketing screenshot
Price: $797 | Formats: online videos, MP3s, webinars | Tags: internet marketing strategies
SMMU Local Marketing offer 8 training modules on internet marketing strategies, with access to webinars and streaming videos. Features: 8 sessions, online videos, audio MP3s, transcripts, cheat sheets, live Q&A, guest expert webinars, immediate access, and certification.
ProBlogger screenshot
Price: $14.74/15.74 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: how to blog
ProBlogger, by Darren Rowes and Chris Garrett, shows you how to earn an income from your blog. Features: 336 pages, monetizing your blog, blog strategies, social media, niche blogging, setting up your blog, building and flipping blogs, freelance blogging, and hosted versus self-hosted.
Create Your Own Blog screenshot
Price: $11.99/14.68 | Formats: paperback, Kindle | Tags: how to blog
Create Your Own Blog, by Tris Hussey, walks you through every step of building your own blog, from getting started to building an audience. Features: 288 pages,, Tumblr, publicizing your blog, earning cash from your blog, SEO tuning, multimedia blogging, and portfolio blogging.