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Introduction to Social Media Why
Price: £350/600
Formats: classroom/on-site
Company: SEO Training Ltd

Introduction to Social Media Features

Introduction to Social Media are 1 day social media training workshops in London, UK, or at your office.

Features include:

  • Courses in Central London, UK: 2 minute walk from Marble Arch tube station.
  • 1 day course.
  • Open public courses: small class sizes, maximum 8, average 4.
  • On-site training: one-to-one or one-to-group, at your office or convenient location.
  • Learn why social media is so important in today’s business world, and how to make it work for your company.
  • Grow your skill and confidence with using social media technology.
  • Understand how different customers might use different social networks.
  • Know how to pre-empt and deal with possible issues that might arise.
  • Course contents:
    • Social media overview:
      • Brief introduction to social media.
      • Considering what social network(s) you might choose to focus on.
    • Using Facebook and Twitter:
      • Setting up a page on Facebook.
      • Adding text updates, links, photos and polls to Facebook.
      • Creating and using a Twitter account.
      • Using Twitter’s different features.
    • Using Google+ and Linkedin:
      • Learning how Google+ offers SEO benefits.
      • Using Google Places and Google’s Author tag.
      • Adding your company to LinkedIn and posting updates.
      • Understanding how employee’s personal LinkedIn accounts link to the company page.
    • Effective use of social media:
      • Understanding how your blog works as a social media platform.
      • Logging in regularly and keeping accounts updated.
      • Raising your visibility online.
      • Integrating social media into your website.
      • Using automation.
      • Keeping existing customers happy.
      • Dealing with any negative interactions or complaints.
      • Moderating comments and postings on social networks.
    • Putting it all together:
      • Action plan and roadmap.
      • Your personal "aha" moments.
    • Lunch, tea and coffee included.
    • The trainer: Ali Luke is a highly experienced blogger, and writes for several major sites (including ProBlogger, Copyblogger, and Daily Blog Tips). She has spoken twice at BlogWorld (now New Media Expo).