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Price: $259.95-3,218.95
Requirements: online
Company: Live Face On Web, LLC.

Live Face On Web Features

Live Face On Web allows your website to have an interactive video spokesperson person as the face of your company.

Features include:

  • 8 different video presentation lengths.
  • 3 different sizes for your video presentation.
  • Script creation service.
  • Variety of male and female models.
  • Specify the location where the model appears.
  • No recurring charges.
  • Website integration at no additional charge.
  • Set-up instructions.
  • Green screen technology.
  • Professional studios.
  • Use your own props.
  • HD video.
  • Presentations are fully customizable:
    • Presentation positioning.
    • Presentation delay.
    • Presentation display for each visitor.
    • Click-on-me functionality.
    • Fade-in and fade-out effects.
    • Play-button functionality.
  • Video shot parameters:
    • Long Shot: where the model is shown fully on the screen.
    • Medium Shot: where the model is shown from head to waist.
    • Head Shot: where the model is shown from head to chest.
  • Online demo and free demo CD.
  • Works with any web browser.
  • A Flash player is required.
  • Compatible with any hosting services.
  • Video available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Macedonian, Serbian, and Italian.
  • Online operator chat.
  • Toll-free telephone customer support.