Local SEO Homepage
Price: $4.99
Formats: Kindle
Released: May 27, 2012
Tags: local seo

Local SEO Features

Local SEO, by David VanBergen, offers a guide to help you establish an internet presence that will put your business in front of your potential customers.

Features include:

  • 49 pages.
  • Easy to understand guide.
  • Outlines basic definitions.
  • Learn about basic online marketing terms.
  • Introduction to search engine optimization.
  • Find out how local SEO is different.
  • Learn about keyword research for local searches.
  • Explains how search engines rank web pages.
  • Focuses on Google Places.
  • Talks about traditional SEO.
  • Shows you screen shots.
  • Learn how to turn website visitors into paying customers.
  • Discovering other business directories.
  • Covers social media sites.
  • Learn about article and video marketing.
  • Talks about video sharing sites.
  • Learn how to use article directories.
  • Focuses on things you can do to get quick results.
  • Helps you establish an internet presence.
  • Teaches you how to get ranked high in the search engines.
  • Author: David VanBergen.