Local Search Marketing for Business Homepage
Price: $9.99/11.49
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: April 4, 2011
Tags: local seo

Local Search Marketing for Business Features

Local Search Marketing for Business: A How-To Guide, by Sarah Moraes, offers a guide on how to use local search marketing and local SEO for your business.

Features include:

  • 54 pages.
  • How-to-guide.
  • Tactics and tips.
  • An overview of search engine marketing.
  • The local search marketing industry.
  • Learn about consumer behaviour.
  • Discover and learn onsite optimization.
  • Talks about keyword research.
  • Learn about localized content.
  • How to use keyword metatags.
  • Learn about image and video optimization.
  • Discover microformats.
  • Features and talks about reviews.
  • How to use Google Places.
  • How to use Bing Local.
  • Touches on link building.
  • Learn about universal business listings.
  • Information on customer review sites and check-ins:
    • Yelp.
    • Foursquare.
    • Facebook Places.
    • Google HotPot.
  • How to measure success.
  • Using Google Analytics.
  • The need to know local search terms.
  • About the author: Sarah Moraes is a content marketing strategist at Vertical Measures, specializing in the coordination of educational events in which businesses are trained to successfully develop and implement a content marketing strategy.