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Price: free/$499+ per month (14 day free trial)
Requirements: online
Company: Netvibes Ltd.

Netvibes Features

Netvibes social media monitoring tools help you track your social media marketing campaigns in real-time.

Features include:

  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Type in keywords and create a complete dashboard to monitor and track everything about a new topic or trend.
  • Access all your apps and analytics in a magazine-style widget.
  • Read all your feeds using a real-time reader.
  • 6,000 themes to customize the look and feel of your dashboard.
  • Customize your dashboard with a drag and drop feature.
  • 200,000+ apps.
  • Integrate virtually any work tool or enterprise system directly onto your dashboard.
  • Unlimited dashboards: create as many dashboards and tabs as you want.
  • 'Smarter' algorithms deliver more relevant results.
  • SmartTagging: self-organize and share expert opinions, comments and sentiment in real-time.
  • Filter your feeds and SmartTags to spot trends and influencers.
  • Search within all the different feeds and apps on your dashboard for specific keywords.
  • Complete analytic results that provide in-depth results.
  • Analyze new trends, ideas and influencers the moment they are discovered.
  • Receive alerts when your attention is needed.
  • 8 alert types: set customized alert criteria.
  • Alert Journal: track all of your current alerts.
  • Monitor an unlimited number of key trends, topics and even community sentiments.
  • Push new content, themes, apps and updates directly to users.
  • Control user permissions and access levels for managers, clients, and team members.
  • Protect your content by preventing users from modifying it.
  • Share tabs with your users and push all apps directly to their dashboards.
  • Share dashboards to selected users only.
  • Custom DNS: use the dashboard on your own (sub)domain.
  • Integrate the dashboard directly within your existing website, with the iframe option.
  • Share a predefined list of approved apps your users can add to their dashboard.
  • Generate content you want to share with the members of your organization, clients or mailing-list subscribers.
  • Custom API keys to interact with all major services.
  • Custom Cookie management.
  • iPad, iPhone or mobile access.
  • Publish new content directly from your mobile device.
  • Free one-to-one demo.
  • One-on-one training.