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Ontolo Linkbuilding
Price: $97-497 per month (14 day free trial)
Requirements: online

Ontolo Features

Ontolo link building tool helps you automate and scale your link building with customized daily link prospecting.

Features include:

  • Discover valuable links: filter link prospects by PageRank, SEOmoz's mozTrust and mozRank, and authority.
  • Manage 1000s of link prospects.
  • Custom campaigns.
  • Daily instant prospects.
  • Identify relevant links: with link prospects in a searchable database, identify link types about specific topics.
  • Manage link campaigns: define statuses for link prospects, export, and create link notifications.
  • Manage automated link prospecting.
  • Manage your reviewed prospects.
  • Ideal prospect email notifications.
  • Monitor your link building progress against your competitors.
  • Monitor your competitors' backlink stats.
  • See who's ranking for your keywords.
  • Full-text searching, contact info, metric searches, exporting, and notifications.
  • Exportable prospect data.
  • Competitive link analysis: collect and compare weekly data on key link building metrics for you and your top competitors.
  • Monitor your top backlinks.
  • Link prospect URL reviewer.
  • Bulk-edit your link prospects.
  • Value-based prospect searches.
  • Custom and instant prospecting tool.
  • Find prospects linking to competitors.
  • Manage your reviewed link prospects.
  • Relevance-based prospect searches.
  • Instantly build link prospect lists.
  • Full-text searching, contact info, metric searches, exporting, notifications and more.
  • Filter by mozTrust, mozRank, and Authority.
  • Searchable link types:
    • Article directories.
    • Blogrolls.
    • Blogs.
    • Donation links.
    • Guest posts.
    • Links pages.
    • Raw prospecting queries.
    • Sponsored links.
    • Web directories.
  • Full text searches:
    • Body text.
    • Title text using [intitle:].
    • URL text using [inurl:].
    • Fomains & TLDs using [site:].
  • Advanced search operators:
    • [Plus] require term in results.
    • [Minus] exclude term from results.
    • [Asterisk] wildcard searches.
    • [Question] single-character wildcard.
    • [Quotes] phrase searching.
    • [Parenthesis] sub-expressions.
    • [Caret] term boosting.
    • [Tilde] proximity search.
    • [Tilde] fuzzy search.
    • [Colon,parenthesis] field grouping.