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PPC Introduction Why
Price: £350/600
Formats: classroom/on-site
Company: SEO Training Ltd

PPC Introduction Features

PPC Introduction are 1 day beginner PPC training workshops in Central London (UK), or at your office.

Features include:

  • Courses in Central London, UK: 2 minute walk from Marble Arch tube station.
  • 1 day course.
  • Open public courses: small class sizes, max 8, average 4.
  • On-site training: one-to-one or one-to-group, at your office or convenient location.
  • No previous PPC knowledge required.
  • Learn the core essentials in setting up and maintaining your Google AdWords account.
  • Discover how to track conversions and optimize campaigns.
  • Understand how best to manage your budget.
  • Take away your own roadmap for getting your campaigns live.
  • Course contents:
    • PPC overview:
      • Brief introduction to PPC.
      • PPC and SEO comparison.
      • PPC terminology.
    • Planning and structure:
      • Setting objectives.
      • Determining key performance indicators (KPIs).
      • Account creation.
      • Account structure best practice.
    • keywords, ads and landing pages:
      • Choosing keywords.
      • Keyword match types.
      • Writing compelling ad copy.
      • Adcopy testing.
      • Choosing relevant landing pages.
      • Landing page optimization tips.
    • Bids, budgets and ad quality:
      • Bidding options.
      • Setting and managing bids.
      • Daily budgets.
      • Why is Quality Score important.
      • How is Quality Score calculated.
    • Tracking performance:
      • How to set up conversion tracking.
      • Google Analytics integration.
      • PPC reporting.
    • PPC roadmap:
      • How to create your own PPC roadmap.
  • The trainer: Jenny Woolmer is an experienced PPC professional. She works for ConversionWorks - a PPC and CRO agency.
  • Lunch, tea and coffee included.