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SEO Intermediate Why
Price: £350/600
Formats: classroom/on-site
Company: SEO Training Ltd

SEO Intermediate Features

SEO Intermediate are 1 day intermediate SEO training workshops in Central London (UK), or at your office.

Features include:

  • Courses in Central London, UK: 2 minute walk from Marble Arch tube station.
  • 1 day course.
  • Open public courses: small class sizes, max 8, average 4.
  • On-site training: one-to-one or one-to-group, at your office or convenient location.
  • Google qualified trainers.
  • Foundation in SEO theory required. You may like to attend their Introduction to SEO workshop.
  • Understand the importance of good site structure and how to link effectively internally.
  • Use the best SEO drivers that work in 2012 to accelerate your business.
  • Identify relevant keywords and content opportunities for your website.
  • A clear understanding of how to build quality links that will get you Google love.
  • Discover how to analysis competitors strategies and create your own successful SEO campaign.
  • SEO Intermediate course contents:
    • SEO overview:
      • SEO foundation review, a quick review of SEO fundamentals.
      • How Google works, look under the hood of Google.
      • SEO rankings factors.
    • Viability:
      • Web servers and HTML – what you need to know about technical SEO.
      • How search engines crawl and index.
      • Robots control and site Speed.
      • Migrating websites.
      • Understanding duplicate content and sitemaps.
      • Site structure and taxonomy.
      • Visibility checklist.
    • Relevancy:
      • Keyword research, analysis and selection.
      • On-page optimization.
      • Automated on-page optimization rules for large sites.
      • Relevancy checklist.
    • Popularity:
      • What makes an awesome link.
      • What makes a great backlink profile.
      • How to find valuable links.
      • Social media marketing.
      • Analyzing competitors' links.
      • Popularity checklist.
    • Business intelligence for SEO:
      • Monthly reporting and key performance indicators (KPIs).
      • SEO checklist.
      • Roadmap and action plan.
  • Lunch, tea and coffee included.