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Price: $299/699
License: lifetime (includes 6 month subscription to search algorithm updates)
Requirements: online, Windows/Mac OS X/Linux

SEO PowerSuite Features

SEO PowerSuite comprises 4 SEO software programs in one package to help you improve your SEO rankings: Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, and SEO SpyGlass.

Features include:

  • 6 month subscription to search algorithm updates. Pricing for additional updates:
    • Professional: 1 month ($6.95), 6 months ($34.95), 12 months ($49.95), 24 months ($79.95), 36 months ($109.95).
    • Enterprise: 1 month ($19.95), 6 months ($99.95), 12 months ($139.95), 24 months ($229.95), 36 months ($299.95).
  • Link Assistant software.
  • Rank Tracker software.
  • Website Auditor software.
  • SEO SpyGlass software.
  • Link tracking system.
  • Create reciprocal 1-way, 3-way and 4-way links.
  • Makes a deep scan and digs up all links from a website.
  • Finds link partners with link submission forms.
  • Searches for sites linking to your online competitors.
  • Detects sites that already link to you.
  • Finds contact information of potential link partners.
  • Monitoring and tracking of link popularity and growth.
  • Interface languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Slovak supported.
  • 19 keyword research and suggestion tools: Google AdWords Keyword Tool, SEMrush, Wordtracker, etc.
  • Compare 1-10 competitors' rankings.
  • Visual ranking and traffic reports.
  • Detailed traffic metrics.
  • Analyzes your website's structure.
  • Eliminate any page loading problems.
  • Manage multiple link partners.
  • Save projects to your computer.
  • Create HTML reports.
  • Publish reports to the web.
  • Create printable reports.
  • Create custom report templates.
  • Finds backlinks pointing to any website.
  • Spies on your competitors' link building secrets.
  • Makes a deep scan and digs up all links from a website.
  • Spots traffic-generating backlinks.
  • Creates visual backlink reports.
  • In-house backlink database.
  • Suggests the best keywords for site optimization.
  • Tells you how to beat your competitors' PageRank.
  • Allows you to see the Alexa traffic rank of every backlink.
  • Lets you see if your competitors are buying site-wide links.
  • Shows which anchor texts and page titles work for your competition.
  • Tells you if your competitors are using social media to rank better.
  • Lets you figure out where your competitors are buying links from.
  • Shows you if your competition are listed in web directories.
  • Figures out the most valuable backlinks the site has.
  • Send reports via email to clients.
  • Save reports to your computer.
  • Boost productivity with report publishing profiles.
  • Export link data.
  • Use export templates.
  • Run scheduled tasks automatically.
  • Copy your data to a spreadsheet for analysis.
  • Supports 349 search engines.
  • Estimate quality of potential links.
  • Autocomplete link exchange forms.
  • Proxy rotation to safely make thousands of queries to search engines.
  • Built in browser.
  • Automatic update downloads.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Accessible knowledge base.
  • Lifetime free updates.
  • 24/7 help desk.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.