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Price: $1,195/1,795/2,990
Company: Bruce Clay, Inc.

SEOToolSet Training Features

SEOToolSet Training, by Bruce Clay, offers standard and advanced SEO training courses in the United States and around the world.

Features include:

  • Available in:
    • United States: Simi Valley, California.
    • Italy: Milan.
    • Australia: Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.
    • New Zealand: Auckland.
    • India: New Delhi.
    • Japan: Tokyo.
    • Brazil: Sao Paulo.
    • Switzerland.
  • Standard 3 day course:
    • Various ways customers may be searching for businesses online.
    • Various search channels, including organic search, paid search, local search, and multi-media search verticals for which a business can be ranked.
    • Search engines' ranking algorithm factors, including on-page elements, site architecture and off-page elements.
    • How to optimize a business website and online presence to increase the likelihood of ranking for relevant search verticals.
    • SEO tactics that search engines considered to be unfairly manipulative and thus may be punished with low rankings or deindexation.
    • Understand the factors search engines use to rank websites for user queries.
    • Learn to beat the competition.
    • Discover how to identify the best keywords for your site.
    • Understand how to make your site more relevant to your target audience.
    • Learn SEO practices that increase click-through rates.
    • See how to use SEOToolSet to implement the methodology.
    • Analyze your site and competitors' sites for metrics related to keywords, rankings and site performance.
    • Identify common technical challenges and tactics to avoid.
    • Learn to configure and use the SEO tools on your website.
    • 290+ presentation slides on:
      • The importance of SEO.
      • SEO concepts.
      • Meet the search engines.
      • Future of search.
      • SEOToolSet setup.
      • Ranking reports.
      • Page analysis.
      • Website anatomy.
      • Linking strategies.
      • Siloing concepts.
      • Analytics.
      • Best practices.
      • Style guide.
      • Site analysis lab.
      • Gloassary.
  • Advanced 1.5 day course:
    • The data collected and analysis performed by each tool in the SEOToolSet.
    • Hands-on application of data provided by the SEO tools as gained by an in-class lab.
    • What is expected to pass SEOToolSet certification testing.
    • Hands on assignments using the SEO tools and applying advanced search engine optimization techniques.
    • Advanced training binder including training materials, sample test questions, and a login to take the SEOToolSet Certification Exam 30 days after completing the course.
    • After completing the advanced SEO training course, you're eligible to take certification exam to become a SEOToolSet Certified Analyst, Organization or Partner.
    • 160+ presentation slides on:
      • SEOToolSet certifcation program.
      • SEO concepts: advanced topics.
      • SEOToolSet site review lab.
      • Certification test preview.
  • Detailed manual including SEO training materials.
  • An account to use the SEOToolSet, LinkMaps, Dynamic Site Mapping, and PathMaps SEO tools for 3 months for use on up to 7 domains.
  • Lunch each day.
  • Trainer: Bruce Clay, founder and President of Bruce Clay, Inc., an internet marketing optimization firm. He's also the author of, "Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies". Bruce is on the board of directors of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization.