SMMU Business Blogging Homepage
Price: $797
Formats: online videos, MP3s, webinars
Company: Social Media Marketing University

SMMU Business Blogging Features

SMMU Business Blogging helps you to learn how to blog with an online course, live Q&A, and guest expert webinars.

Features include:

  • 6 sessions.
  • Streaming online videos.
  • Audio MP3s.
  • Unabridged transcripts.
  • Webinars.
  • Live Q&A.
  • Step-by-step cheat sheets.
  • Immediate access.
  • Receive a certificate of training.
  • Pay with 2 payments.
  • Session 1: learning functions and features and determining objectives:
    • Learn how to dramatically increase Google search rankings.
    • Find out how to turn your blog into a reference site.
    • Learn how to move your blog to another platform or domain.
    • Discover how to set realistic goals and objectives for your business blog.
  • Session 2: blogging platforms, WordPress hosting and defining your audience:
    • Discover the pros and cons of the six best blogging platforms.
    • Learn more about the hosting requirements for WordPress.
    • Find out how to harness the power of methodology to determine how to find, harness and leverage your audience for your benefit.
  • Session 3: creating content:
    • Learn how to publish the right mix of content to grab the attention of your readers.
    • Learn the four topics you should write about.
    • Discover the secrets to increasing your productivity so you can post more content in a shorter time.
    • Find out how to generate a constant stream of topic ideas.
    • Learn the simple techniques for using video to give your blog more visual appeal and engagement.
    • Discover the key tactics for creating professional-quality audio and video.
  • Session 4: SEO and comment marketing:
    • Learn the latest leading-edge techniques for maximizing the SEO potential of your blog.
    • Find out what affects your searchability and rankings and make sure you’re optimized on all fronts.
    • Discover how to implement the best practices for using SEO.
    • Find out which plugins you should install to make your blog stand out and get noticed.
    • Learn how to use keyword metatags to turbocharge your blog’s ranking.
    • Find out the little-known techniques for increasing Google rankings and make your blog more searchable across the web.
    • Discover our most recommended keyword strategies so your blog not only ranks higher, but also shows up in more searches.
    • Get your hands on the valuable tools you need to uncover great keywords for Google searches.
    • Learn how to spread your message, promote your brand and build relationships through the underused techniques of comment marketing.
  • Session 5: building relationships and using social media:
    • Learn about the three kinds of relationships you must build for optimal blogging success.
    • Find out exactly how to use commenting to foster mutually-beneficial relationships.
    • Discover how to strategically use trackbacks for your blog promotion.
    • Learn best practices for comment settings on your blog.
    • Learn how to connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can take advantage of these massive social networking platforms.
  • Session 6: security, analytics and plugins:
    • Learn how to protect the security of your business blog.
    • Find out how to get the information you need from Google Analytics.
    • Learn how to obtain demographic data about your blog’s readers for free.
    • Discover how to find out if and where your blog’s feed is being re-syndicated.
    • Find the all-time best plugins to use to make sure your blog is a winner.