SMMU Local Marketing Homepage
Price: $797
Formats: online videos, MP3s, webinars
Company: Social Media Marketing University

SMMU Local Marketing Features

SMMU Local Marketing offer 8 training modules on internet marketing strategies, with access to webinars and streaming videos.

Features include:

  • 8 sessions.
  • Streaming online videos.
  • Audio MP3s.
  • Unabridged transcripts.
  • Guest expert webinars.
  • Live Q&A.
  • Step-by-step cheat sheets.
  • Immediate access.
  • Receive a certificate of training.
  • Session 1: introduction to the internet marketing process:
    • How to identify common internet marketing challenges for small business.
    • What impact the evolution of local internet marketing has had for local business.
    • How to start mapping an internet marketing process for your business.
    • How a successful marketing strategy creates engagement with prospects and customer.
    • How to leverage the power of a call to action in your marketing strategy.
  • Session 2: the website is the hub:
    • Why most small business objectives for their website fail.
    • How to develop a strong message to market match for your audience.
    • How to enable a strong level of engagement between your prospective customers and your business.
    • How to motivate your prospects to take action.
    • How to decide whether to build and maintain your website yourself or hire outside.
  • Session 3: targeted email marketing for business:
    • Why building a list is so important to your business.
    • How to create a method to capture your prospect’s information.
    • How to target the right message to the right audience for maximum effect.
    • How to choose an email marketing service.
    • How to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • Session 4: search engine optimization for local business:
    • How to discover the top search terms your market is already using every day.
    • How boost your site ranking for each of the search terms you target.
    • What things on your website you might be doing to cause you to drop in rankings.
    • How to build credibility and authority for your site from the search engine view.
    • Who you need to develop relationships with in order to help build search ranking.
  • Session 5: Google for business:
    • How to effectively place ads on Google that you only pay for on a performance basis.
    • How to integrate your business marketing information with Google Maps to build a comprehensive presence for people searching for businesses in your area.
    • How to edge out the competition with other competitors also trying to use Maps.
    • How to build a level of trust for your business and present prospects with other customer’s views of their own experience.
    • How you as a small, medium, or large business can successfully leverage all of these tools Google offers.
  • Session 6: video marketing for business:
    • How video can help you build a base of loyal fans.
    • How to produce video with inexpensive tools and without a lot of effort.
    • How to use the same project management process that Hollywood producers use to create blockbuster films.
    • How to craft a video that holds the attention of the viewer.
    • Where to promote your video and how to drive traffic to your site as the result of people viewing it online.
  • Session 7: hybrid marketing for business:
    • Ways to drive traffic to your website from offline channels.
    • How to leverage your existing marketing efforts in the most effective fashion.
    • How to tap into the explosion in mobile marketing.
    • How to get your message in front of a prospective customer without competing with other offers.
    • How to measure the ROI of your offline spending by integrating with online tools.
  • Session 8: measuring the outcome:
    • How to design a marketing game plan with performance measurement built-in from the beginning.
    • How to standardize the work flow within your business to achieve consistent results.
    • How to predict future prospective customer behavior by measuring their actions.
    • How to build a powerful financial model that will help you make better marketing investment decisions.
    • How to adapt your business based on the information you learn on an ongoing basis.