SMMU Pay Per Click Homepage
Price: $797
Formats: online videos, MP3s, webinars
Company: Social Media Marketing University

SMMU Pay Per Click Features

SMMU Pay Per Click shows you the methods and techniques used to win at Google AdWords.

Features include:

  • 6 sessions.
  • Streaming online videos.
  • Audio MP3s.
  • Unabridged transcripts.
  • Guest expert webinars.
  • Live Q&A.
  • Step-by-step cheat sheets.
  • Immediate access.
  • Receive a certificate of training.
  • Session 1: how to research keywords to find pockets of buyers:
    • Inversion method for keywords research.
    • Quickest way to organize AdWords accounts.
    • Creating continuity to increase conversions.
    • How to win in current PPC environment.
    • Value of different keyword matching types.
    • How to control when Google triggers your ads.
    • Where the biggest PPC opportunities are hidden.
    • Tools for keyword research.
  • Session 2: designing landing pages:
    • Developing PPC-specific landing pages.
    • 12 step method for developing and testing landing pages.
    • Easy way to plan a landing page.
    • 8 ideas for landing pages.
    • 7 components of landing pages.
    • 4 dimensions Google uses to evaluate landing pages.
    • 5-point checklist for landing page optimization.
    • Translate your product or service to landing pages.
  • Session 3: designing and testing conversion funnels:
    • Understand goals, funnels and conversions.
    • Design goals and funnels to track your conversions.
    • Aspects of your funnel are losing interest.
    • Ways to fix issues upstream from conversions.
    • Defining major and minor conversions.
    • Planning marketing budget from funnel steps.
    • Identifying leaks in your revenue stream.
    • Tested formula for optimization.
  • Session 4: setting up AdWords campaigns:
    • To use campaigns settings to control your budget goals and targeting.
    • Segmenting networks, geographic, and computer devices.
    • Ways to use budget settings to get select impressions.
    • How to organize keywords lists and importing into AdWords.
    • System for increasing keyword to ad text relevancy.
    • Methods for using third-party PPC tools.
    • To use Traffic Estimator to establish most valuable bids.
    • Ad text A/B tests and free tools.
    • 12 optimization tips once your campaign has gone live.
  • Session 5: setting up Google Analytics for PPC:
    • Setting up accounts, profile, filters and users.
    • Installing standards and advanced tracking scripts.
    • How analytics tracks vs. AdWords.
    • Setting up conversion goal tracking and funnels for visualization.
    • To use key reports to get insights from analytics.
    • Ways to automate daily reporting to track website sites.
    • 5 key reports to monitor your traffic.
    • Method for monitoring visitor quality and engagement.
    • How to use analytics to find the leaks in your sales funnels.
  • Session 6: how to use analytics to find the leaks in your sales funnels:
    • A way to make designing your tests stress free.
    • When to use A/B test versus multivariate.
    • Setting up your first A/B and multivariate experiments.
    • Install tracking scripts for website optimizer.
    • Ideas for A/B testing your landing pages.
    • Common landing page test mistakes to avoid.
    • How to create quickly variations of your landing pages.
    • Measuring and monitoring winning landing pages.
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