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Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in Features
Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in Pricing
Price: $19 per month (10 day/20 log-in free trial)
Requirements: Windows, Microsoft Excel 2003+
Version: 2
Company: Tatvic

Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in Features

Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in helps you analyze Google AdWords campaigns in Excel.

Features include:

  • Import your analysis into AdWords Editor.
  • 1-click report updates: no need to download a new report.
  • 3 page interface.
  • 3 step process to generate report.
  • Extract data from Google Analytics into Excel.
  • Customizable reporting for advanced manipulation.
  • On-demand reporting with refresh feature.
  • Connector between AdWords Editor and Google's web interface.
  • Extract customized data from the tool and upload in Editor.
  • Download and analyze as many reports as you want one a single Excel sheet.
  • Built-in report templates help you extract important business insights.
  • Extracts large data sets.
  • Access Google APIs.
  • Full circle information on conversion and user engagement.
  • Work with information from keyword traffic estimator, AdWords API, and Google Analytics API.
  • Save your query parameters and share with a colleague.
  • Select up to 3 dimensions, 10 metrics, 5 filters, and one advanced segment for each query.
  • Understand how much traffic with a specific keyword.
  • Apply visit level advanced segmentation to data blocks.
  • Sort and filtering options.
  • Reference date range, report profile, custom segments and filtering options within Excel cells.
  • Priority support for yearly subscription.