The Best of Guerrilla Marketing Homepage
Price: $11.99/13.28
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: September 9, 2011

The Best of Guerrilla Marketing Features

The Best of Guerrilla Marketing - Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie Levinson, offers strategies, tactics, and tools from 35+ guerrilla marketing books.

Features include:

  • 304 pages.
  • Includes strategies and tactics.
  • Contributions from 35 guerrilla books, including:
    • The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook.
    • Guerrilla Publicity.
    • Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days.
    • Guerrilla Marketing for Writers.
    • Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.
    • Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet.
    • Guerrilla Networking.
    • Guerrilla Negotiating.
    • Guerrilla Selling.
    • Guerrilla Public Speaking.
    • Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing.
    • Guerrilla Profits.
    • Guerrilla Financing.
    • Guerrilla Business Secrets.
    • Guerrilla Breakthrough Strategies.
    • Guerrilla Retailing.
    • Guerrilla Rainmaking.
    • Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants.
    • Guerrilla Marketing goes Green.
    • Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits.
  • Learn what guerrilla marketing is.
  • Discover the birth of guerrilla marketing.
  • Learn the simplicity of guerrilla marketing.
  • Learn the guerrilla marketing secrets.
  • Talks about the spread of guerrilla marketing.
  • Understand and learn the guerrilla marketing strategy.
  • Find out the guerrilla marketing weapons.
  • Learn about guerrilla advertising.
  • Learn about guerrilla marketing in social media.
  • How to achieve guerrilla marketing excellence.
  • Learn how to guerrilla market yourself.
  • Learn the 10 things your copy should always be.
  • Discover the 10 things you should never do with guerrilla graphics.
  • Learn the 25 reasons why so much advertising fails.
  • Discover the 10 things that make a TV ad terrible.
  • Find out the 10 things that make a TV commercial superb.
  • Discover the top 100 advertising campaigns.
  • The top 10 advertising icons of the century.
  • Learn the 50 golden rules.
  • How people judge you.
  • Find out the dangers of humor in marketing.
  • Guerrilla marketing and the unconscious mind.
  • About the authors:
    • Jay Conrad Levinson is a public speaker who regularly delivers presentations in both the US and abroad. Jay was a former executive with Leo Burnett Advertising and J. Walter Thompson Advertising.
    • Jeannie Levinson serves as the President of Guerrilla Marketing International. She's also a founder of the Guerrilla Marketing Association.