The New Google SEO Homepage
Price: $2.99
Formats: Kindle
Released: 2012
Tags: learn seo

The New Google SEO Features

The New Google SEO: What You Need To Be Successful With Google Panda, by Kathleen McDivitt, explains how to change your SEO strategy to handle the Google Panda update.

Features include:

  • 26 pages.
  • Chapter 1: In February 2011, Google Made a Fundamental Change to its Search Algorithm.
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Google's Goals.
  • Chapter 3: What is Google Panda?
  • Chapter 4: The Critical (and Potentially Devastating) Differences in the New Search Engine Optimization Paradigm.
  • Chapter 5: Creating A SEO Plan That Works Now - And in the Future.
  • Chapter 6: Rebuilding & Preparing for the Future.