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Price: $249.95 per month (7 day free trial)
Requirements: online
Company: TrackGrid

Track Grid Features

Track Grid affiliate network software enables you to set up and manage your own affiliate network.

Features include:

  • Monthly bandwidth 100GB. Extra bandwidth: $1.00 per GB.
  • Unlimited amount of:
    • advertisers.
    • campaigns.
    • affiliates.
    • ad impressions.
    • monthly sales, actions, and leads.
  • Create revenue bonus programs or campaign specific bonus programs.
  • Create CPA, CPS, CPC, and revenue sharing campaigns for affiliates.
  • Track each individual affiliate's performance.
  • Track all of your campaigns performance.
  • Affiliate grouping gives insights into your affiliate managers or groups of specific affiliates performance.
  • Add your employees and assign specific roles, permissions, and location restrictions.
  • Export your accounting into any 3rd party accounting software to handle payments.
  • Create your own payment terms.
  • Built in fraud tools will pro-actively alert you of possible fraudulent traffic being sent from affiliates.
  • Use your own css and javascript, upload files to our CDN, get access to raw HTML and data.
  • Create an unlimited amount of pages with additional content and data.
  • Restrict certain employees to locations based on IP.
  • Full login auditing and tracking for both employees and affiliates.
  • Integrate with Google Apps to allow for a single sign-on experience.
  • Assign each affiliate and advertiser their own payment terms.
  • Track an unlimited amount of landing pages.
  • Email management and customization system.
  • Set private, public, internal or invite-only campaigns.
  • Bulk upload banners, search, email, incentivized and contextual creatives.
  • Track each individual creative performance automatically.
  • Integrates with all shopping cart systems.
  • 24/7 customer support available by phone, email, Skype and AIM.