Webcentric Local Business Marketing Homepage
Price: $10/13.95
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: May 1, 2012
Tags: local seo

Webcentric Local Business Marketing Features

Webcentric Local Business Marketing: How to market your business on the web and beyond, by David M. Sandy, is a guide for local businesses looking to market themselves using the internet.

Features include:

  • 142 pages.
  • Focuses on local SEO.
  • Goes into detail about the basic concepts.
  • Learn about national vs local marketing.
  • Discover brand marketing.
  • Discusses all major forms of marketing.
  • Learn about Yellowpages and Groupon.
  • Talks about direct response marketing.
  • Discover the new marketing funnels.
  • Learn about demographics.
  • Discover and learn about research.
  • Teaches you about website design and content.
  • Learn about website setup.
  • Talks about blogging.
  • Learn about hosting.
  • How to keep your website together.
  • Using mobile websites.
  • Learn Google Analytics and webmaster tools.
  • Talks about search engine marketing.
  • Understanding local search results.
  • Learn about white hat and black hat.
  • Discover how Google ranks sites.
  • Onpage optimization factors.
  • Touches on keyword research.
  • How to evaluate a link.
  • Learn about negative SEO.
  • Discover link building techniques.
  • Using press releases.
  • Talks about private blog networks.
  • Learn about renting and buying links.
  • Discover social bookmarking.
  • How to use link exchanges.
  • Developing your own network.
  • Advanced web and SEO strategies.
  • Learn about Google places and Google Maps.
  • Learn the factors in ranking a places page.
  • How to set up a Google places page.
  • Learn about pay-per-click.
  • Talks about Google AdWords Express.
  • How to create an SEO plan.
  • Measuring SEO results.
  • Learn about using social media.
  • About the author: David M. Sandy runs an internet consultancy called Critwit. He's also a real estate agent. David previously owned and ran a law practice for five years.