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Price: $11.99/16.99
Formats: paperback, Kindle
Released: December 20, 2011

Your Band Is A Virus Features

Your Band Is A Virus – Behind the Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician, by James Moore, offers viral marketing advice and strategies for musicians or bands looking for exposure.

Features include:

  • 76 pages.
  • Music marketing guide.
  • Actionable advice.
  • Learn effective DIY promotional strategies.
  • How to use micro-job sites to your advantage.
  • Learn the different types of marketing.
  • Discovering your image.
  • Building your website.
  • Promoting to music blogs and publications.
  • Learn about newsletters and mailing lists.
  • How to use viral contest apps like Wildfire.
  • Learn and discover viral marketing.
  • Shows you how to sell.
  • Highlights and talks about Myspace.
  • Discover more strategies.
  • Learn about podcasts.
  • Discovering music blogs.
  • Talks and highlights guerilla marketing.
  • Learn about branding.
  • Includes a bonus interview with Stuart Epps.
  • About the author: James Moore is a Canadian author and independent music promoter. He runs Independent Music Promotions and has worked with up-and-coming artists, such as Monks of Mellonwah and Rooftop Runners.