Hi there!

So what have I got to disclose?

I can't afford to give you all the information and tools for free without getting something back in return.

I'm certainly not rich. And I'm not running a charity.

I do have to work to pay the bills. I have a family with two young boys to support. And some of my team are in a similar situation.

You won't begrudge us trying to make an honest living providing you with all this wonderful information and tools, will you?

Here's how we intend to earn an honest income from this website:

  1. Some (not all) of the products and services listed in the website use an affiliate link to link to the merchant's website.

    What does that mean?

    It means when you click on a product/service that has an affiliate link, and you buy the product/service, the merchant pays us a commission for the introduction.

    Don't worry: the price you pay isn't affected in anyway. You pay the same price as if you had found the product/service via Google or another website.

  2. I plan to one day offer my own outstanding value-for-money products and services.
  3. I plan to one day allow reputable companies purchase sponsorship in this website.

The money will help pay for the server, bandwidth, and support my team and our families.

How's that for openness and honest? :-)

Got a question? Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.