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Price: $24.99-579.99+ per month
Requirements: online
Company: AuctionSound

AuctionSound Features

AuctionSound is an Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay listing software solution with inventory management and consignment features.

Features include:

  • Supports eBay US, eBay CA, eBay UK, eBay AU, eBay IE, Amazon US and Craigslist US.
  • 35 to 7,500 listings.
  • Streamlined listing tools.
  • Auction templates.
  • Web-based account for access from any location with multiple users.
  • Profile management.
  • Provides unlimited image hosting with no additional eBay costs.
  • Print item intake receipts with detailed consignment agreements.
  • Provides an inventory management system to store and auto-relist items.
  • Create custom consignment plans for individuals and fundraisers.
  • Streamline listing process with auction defaults.
  • Email notification system sends customers updates on the progress of their auction.
  • Provides detailed sales reporting data that exports to QuickBooks.
  • Account settings area:
    • Listing defaults and preferences.
    • Consignment commission plans.
    • Auto feedback and notifications.
    • Sales reports and exports.
    • Track sales income and expenses.
    • QuickBooks check exports.
    • Detailed sales exports via Excel.
    • Employee productivity exports.
    • Referral source revenue tracking.
  • Consignor management:
    • Intake receipts with consignee agreements.
    • Unlimited custom commission plans.
    • Consignor email notification system.
    • Mass email all consignors.
    • Generate checks for consignors.
    • Existing consignor database integration.
    • Consignor account lookup tool.
  • Inventory management tools:
    • Bulk import inventory via CSV.
    • Auto-relist functionality.
    • Product grouping.
    • Instant inventory count spreadsheet.
    • Auto-deduct sold quantity on all channels.
  • Shipping Integration:
    • ShipRush and ShipWorks integration.
    • Track packages.
    • Detailed cost reporting.
  • EBay management tools:
    • Automatic buyer feedback.
    • Free scheduled listings on eBay.
    • Cross-listing promotion to current buyers.
    • Images displayed in listing description.
    • GivingWorks integration.
  • Craigslist management Tools:
    • Dynamic posting without visiting Craigslist.
    • Track all live listings.
    • Mark items sold and auto-remove from eBay.
  • Amazon management Tools:
    • 1-page posting.
    • Post-sale order management.
    • Amazon sale auto-remove from eBay.