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Price: free/$14-99 per month
Requirements: online
Company: Doodlebit, LLC.

Doodlekit Features

Doodlekit's hosted website builder lets you build a content or ecommerce website.

Features include:

  • Search engine ranking tools.
  • Add a blog.
  • Shopping cart: build an ecommerce website.
  • Google adsense advertising tool: build a website that generates revenue using the built-in advertising tool.
  • Upload files that you want others to be able to download.
  • Bulk upload photos.
  • Free website builder.
  • Website design tools.
  • Insert videos.
  • Add forums.
  • Dynamic form builder tool.
  • Web browser compatibility: build a website that works consistently with these browsers; Internet Explorer 7+,Firefox 1.5+,Opera 9+, and Safari 3+.
  • Multiple language and international settings: build a website in any language you want.
  • Interchangeable layouts and designs: build a website using multiple color themes and multiple background patterns.
  • Upload your own photos and images to be used in your website header.
  • Monitor your website usage with the website usage statistics.
  • Create, edit, re-order, and delete pages and sub-pages.
  • Page editor allows you to:
    • Create two or more column layouts.
    • Change text size, color, and formatting.
    • Add images, hyperlinks, tables, and lists.
    • Spell check your content.
    • View, edit, and validate your xhtml code.
    • WYSIWYG content editing.
  • Full website searching: search your website's content for specific words.
  • CSS layout override editor: if you know how to code CSS, you can use the CSS override editor to build a custom website.
  • Domain email forwarding.
  • Advanced user security: advanced security features that let you manage your website users' access.