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Price: $97/297
License: lifetime
Requirements: Linux, PHP5, MySQL
Version: 2.2
Released: June 23, 2010

EasyMemberPro Features

EasyMemberPro membership software enables you to create content rich memebership sites.

Features include:

  • Member management:
    • Member accounts and login emails automatically generated.
    • Automatically closed when members unsubscribe.
    • Admin email notification every time a new member joins or cancels.
    • Members can update their password at any time.
    • "Forgotten password" page.
    • Special or site news promotion.
    • Manual members addition if needed.
    • Capture up to 10 additional pieces of information for each member.
  • Page management:
    • Online page editor no HTML or PHP skills required to update your website.
    • Import custom template designs from dreamweaver or use the built-in tools to control your graphics and colors.
    • Add/edit/delete your own extra pages easily.
    • Scaleable to any size you want.
    • Create member content in advance with our drip feed feature.
    • Built-in support form for members.
  • Autoresponder integration: AWeber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft and more.
  • Backup manually and restore at any time.
  • Coupon codes can be limited by quantity available or expiry date.
  • Optionally disable the coupon feature.
  • Localization:
    • Multiple currencies supported.
    • Multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian files provided.
    • Create new language file.
  • Payment options:
    • Offer multiple membership levels, free trials.
    • Offer one-time-only payments and recurring payments.
    • Set recurring payments to end after x weeks/months/years.
  • Payment processors:
    • PayPal (debit/credit cards).
    • Clickbank (PayPal/debit/credit cards).
    • 2Checkout (debit/credit cards).
    • Authorizenet (debit/credit cards).
  • Security:
    • Hide the real download location of files and videos.
    • Control download pages.
    • Built-in contact form with integrated CAPTCHA to prevent spam.
  • Upsells / one time offers.
  • Advanced users only:
    • Post values to an external script when members join/cancel your site.
    • Run PHP from inside any page.
    • Bypass the built-in page editor.
    • Create pages still keep them protected by emp.
  • Affiliate management:
    • Automatic affiliate link.
    • Affiliates can sign-up without becoming a member.
    • Set affiliate commission percentage globally.
    • Custom percentage to individual affiliate.
    • View outstanding commissions.
    • See the total owed to each affiliate.
    • Pay affiliates by check or PayPal mass pay.
    • Mass email affiliates.
    • Easily upload promo emails and graphics for affiliates.
    • Affiliates view paid/unpaid commissions at any time.
    • View affiliates referral membership.
    • Bulk import or export affiliates as a CSV file.
    • Give and delete ad-hoc commissions to affiliates any time you want.
    • Disable the built-in affiliate system if required.
  • Support:
    • Online help desk (all tickets answered within 12-24 hours).
    • Customer forum and PDF user manual.
    • Optional installation / upgrade service.
  • Available in single and multi site options.
  • Lifetime free support and upgrades.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee.