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Price: $795-14,995+ or $69-999+ per month
Requirements: Microsoft IIS, .NET 4.0, SQL Server
Version: 5.1
Released: August 2, 2012
Company: Countersoft Limited

Gemini Features

Gemini is an all-in-one issue tracking, project management, and bug tracking software.

Features include:

  • Installed or on-demand version.
  • Scrum development.
  • Support for iterations, plans, stories, areas.
  • Agile functionality: burndown/burnup charts, roadmaps and changelogs.
  • Issue and bug tracking.
  • Testing management with Sentry.
  • Complete audit trail and traceability between the issues being tested.
  • Generate test results and additional issues raised as a result of the testing activity.
  • Project tracking.
  • Convert emails to tickets: through mailbox or directly sent to individuals.
  • End user and client portals.
  • Control screens and data field privacy to secure sensitive data & limit user actions.
  • Instant, cross-project filters: group, sort sequence across projects.
  • Drag-drop, permission-based workflow.
  • Rapid data entry.
  • On-demand reporting.
  • Drag-drop task sequencing and dependency show/hide.
  • Rapid planning enabling.
  • Customizable grids with export capabilities to Excel or HTML.
  • Quick entry of items with dependencies.
  • Pull down data in CSV formal & import to other systems or tools.
  • Support for cross-project dependencies.
  • No limits on the level of nesting.
  • Customizable fields.
  • Pin and share with AppNav.
  • Loads assets through any content delivery Network (CDN.)
  • Project templates that deliver per project taxonomy.
  • Process control.
  • Data entry control.
  • Data privacy.
  • Breeze: extension app for email-to-ticketing to any project or team.
  • Support for social user login with Facebook, Google, and Open ID.
  • Event model subscriptions.
  • Localized dates and times.
  • Inline editing.
  • Pin and share anything.
  • Project timelines and activity stream.
  • Roadmaps and changelogs.
  • Calendar views.
  • Swimlane scrolling.
  • Connect multiple mailboxes.
  • Custom content process & email templates.
  • Email notifications: Outlook connector.
  • Integration with Geckoboard, Breeze, Sentry, and Lucidchart.
  • Free 12 months product support & upgrades.
  • Gemini API Included.
  • Install Marketplace Apps.
  • Build your own apps.
  • Optional 30% renewal after year 1.
  • Option to include test management capabilities, and email to ticket integration.