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GoGrid Cloud Hosting
GoGrid Content Delivery Network
Price: $28.80-4,103.96+ per month
Requirements: online
Company: GoGrid, LLC.

GoGrid Features

GoGrid cloud hosting enables you to scale cloud infrastructure across multiple data centers.

Features include:

  • Graphical user interface customer portal.
  • Monitor, administer, and scale your infrastructure components in real time.
  • Provision or order cloud (virtual) and dedicated (physical) servers, cloud storage, CDN, and custom server images in real time.
  • Windows, Linux, and custom cloud servers.
  • Microsoft WebsiteSpark: support and software for web developers and designers.
  • Microsoft BizSpark: access to current full featured Microsoft development tools and production licenses.
  • Standard and custom configurations.
  • Wide variety of images.
  • Multi data center provisioning.
  • Content delivery network.
  • 18 pops on 4 continents.
  • MYGSI: custom server images.
  • Submit and review support cases.
  • Check invoices.
  • Order additional IP addresses.
  • Manage system users with role based access controls.
  • API calls from different languages such as java, PHP, python, perl, ruby, and c#.
  • Gigabit public and private VLANS.
  • Multicasting support.
  • CDN 16 points of presence: speed up the delivery of your web site.
  • F5 hardware load balancers: make horizontal scaling of web servers.
  • API to add and remove servers to an existing pool of load balanced web servers without downtime.
  • Cloud storage allotments scale ensuring you have the storage capacity to meet demand.
  • Custom server images: create server images with your applications pre-installed and ready to go.
  • Vertical RAM scaling: scale your cloud server's RAM up or down on-demand.
  • Elastic: scale environments horizontally or vertically without limits.
  • Programmatic: automate environment delivery.
  • Multi-tenantable: 1 to more than 1,000,000 secure, independently billable environments.
  • Global: interoperate with other public and private clouds.
  • Firewall and network security.
  • Local and persistent storage.
  • Cloud object, block, and file storage.
  • Linux and Windows free OS licensing on virtual servers.
  • Hourly billing.
  • Orchestration and control systems.
  • API for programmable infrastructure provisioning.
  • Image repository and partner image library.
  • Image rights management and token billing.
  • Managed cloud solution: manages all network, single-tenant, and virtualization infrastructure.
  • Security: single-tenant guarantees your company is the sole user of all components.
  • Web portal and API allow secure management of each environment.
  • Private branded portal.
  • Billing engine.
  • VLAN allocator.
  • API gateway.
  • Queuing and provisioning engine.
  • Image management.
  • Flexible configurations to meet your unique compliance needs.
  • Dedicated infrastructure secures data and ensures compliance.
  • Management tools for utilization and cost transparency.
  • Role based access and control.
  • SSAE 16 compliance.
  • Access to standard base server images.
  • Custom server image capabilities.
  • Hardware Cisco firewalls.
  • Virtual and physical servers on the same VLAN.
  • 10,000% guaranteed, 100% uptime service level agreement.
  • 24/365 engineering support.