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Price: $149.95
Requirements: Windows NT/95/98/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Version: 2.9
Company: PrimaSoft PC, Inc.

Issue Tracking Organizer Pro Features

Issue Tracking Organizer Pro issue tracking software helps you organize, track and manage all kinds of issues.

Features include:

  • Search, filter issues by any field.
  • Sort issue records by any field.
  • Several user-definable data fields.
  • Unlimited number of records.
  • Unlimited number of databases.
  • Database processing features flexibility.
  • Organize defects, enhancements, requests, or any other issues in one database or group them in many databases.
  • Print issue reports by category, by assigned to, by status, opened issues, closed issues.
  • Enter personnel names, phone numbers, emails, positions, departments.
  • Import data from text, Excel, or other files.
  • Print personnel contact lists.
  • Print letters, labels, issue cards, send emails.
  • Generate HTML resolution reports.
  • Designer: build your own issue tracking solution.
  • Database templates.
  • Organize and access issue data.
  • Issue tracking table viewer: view data in rows and columns.
  • Browser viewer: view data in virtually any way using browser viewer.
  • Standard record wiewers: enter, and modify issue records, or quickly generate data specific commands.
  • Report wizard: summary, graph, statistics.
  • Label wizard.
  • HTML generator wizard.
  • Flexible productivity tool.
  • Issue tracking images.
  • Application for all your issue database needs.
  • Create your own issue software organizers.
  • Filter issue records.
  • Back up function.
  • Multi-user environment.
  • Track, manage, catalog project information.