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Price: 2.50-3.90% + $0.25-0.59 per transaction
Requirements: online
Company: MH Pillars Ltd.

Payza Features

Payza enables you to accept credit cards, prepaid cards, money orders, certified checks, and bank wires.

Features include:

  • 9 million members.
  • Accept payments from 197 countries.
  • Accept 21 currencies.
  • Accept instant credit card and e-wallet payments.
  • Make payments worldwide.
  • Send money to multiple recipients.
  • Payments made in real-time.
  • Receive money: manage payments for your business or sell your products/services online.
  • Flexible deposits and withdrawals.
  • Pay bills.
  • Exchange currency and withdraw.
  • Calculate conversion rates before exchanging.
  • Corporate disbursements for remittances, referral bonuses, salaries, commissions, payments, and prizes.
  • Ecommerce processing.
  • Checkout payment buttons.
  • Merchant marketing kits.
  • Online invoicing and payouts.
  • Add funds and withdraw.
  • Add funds to your e-wallet:
    • Credit/debit card: instantly.
    • Certified check/money order: 2 business days.
    • Bank wire: 2-4 business days.
    • Bank transfer: 4-6 business days.
  • Withdraw funds from your e-wallet:
    • Payza issued prepaid card: 2-4 business days.
    • Bank wire 2-4 business days.
    • Bank transfer: 4-6 business days.
    • Check 1-3 weeks.
  • Built-in fraud prevention.
  • No set-up, contract, or monthly fees.
  • Send money by email.
  • Manage multiple businesses from just one account.
  • Work under company names.
  • Accept payments through each of your websites via a single Payza business account.
  • Create as many profiles as you want.
  • Associate a different email address with each profile.
  • Pay your people for free in just one click.
  • Accessible payment records.
  • Send an invoice for a product or service.
  • Ask for a loan repayment.
  • Request money for a gift, event, or vacation.
  • Pool cash for a fund raiser.
  • Real-time updates on the status of your dispute.
  • Full record of all past communications and disputes.
  • Shopping cart integration:
    • PrestaShop.
    • OpenCart.
    • ZenCart.
    • CS-Cart.
    • 3D Cart.
    • Cube Cart.
    • EMart Cart.
    • VirtueMart.
    • XCart.
    • Easy Webstore.
    • Comersus Cart.
    • Instat EStore.
    • CWhois.
    • Ubercart.
  • Buy now button.
  • Subscribe now button.
  • 1-time payment buttons.
  • Recurring payment buttons.
  • Donation buttons.
  • Trial period payment: allow your customers to pay a given amount for a trial period.
  • First subscription payment: charge a discounted price for a customer's first subscription payment.
  • Regular recurring subscription payment: allow customers to pay the same amount at specific intervals.