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Price: $299
License: lifetime
Requirements: Windows Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Version: 5
Released: January 01, 2012
Company: Experience In Software, Inc.

Project Kickstart Features

Project KickStart Pro 5 project management software helps you create an organized plan, with phases, goals, obstacles and solutions.

Features include:

  • 6 step project wizard.
  • Drag and drop editing.
  • Import contacts and users from outlook and ACT! address books.
  • Create a project outline showing phases, tasks, subtasks, notes, and more.
  • Reports templates for a corporate newsletter: tasks, Gantt chart.
  • Interactive Gantt charts.
  • Task feedback.
  • Task management.
  • Work load management.
  • Customize project calendar set all days to working days in preferences.
  • Track costs and percent done.
  • Customize report format.
  • Set reporting periodicity.
  • Personal task assignments.
  • Resource management.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Budgeting.
  • Real-time project management reports: phases, goals, people, obstacles, project status and assignments, individual assignments, task reports, milestones, scheduling, scope, and statistics.
  • Merging multiple projects.
  • Communicate and collarate: email integration, forums, MS project integration, team calenders/timelines.
  • Dashboard: What's due today? What's due next week? What's due next month?
  • Document management.
  • Project library and templates.
  • Task links (dependencies) can be set up automatically based on user preference.
  • You can link (or unlink) multiple tasks.
  • You can adjust predecessors and successors as well as lead time for the most accurate schedule.
  • Project calendar sets non-working days or set all days to working days in preferences.
  • Add color to task bars to display additional resource or schedule information.
  • Print 3 styles of Gantt charts and customize report format.
  • Export data to Microsoft Office Suite, MindManager, ACT!.
  • Save your Gantt chart as an image file for collaboration.
  • Export to PowerPoint or Microsoft Project.
  • Individual assignments.
  • Task reports: as a project lead, manager, or stakeholder.
  • Overall project status and timeline.
  • See the tasks that need to be done today or in the coming days.
  • View dependencies between tasks.
  • View milestones.
  • Free email support.