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Price: $49/99 (15 day free trial)
License: lifetime (unlimited version 2 updates)
Requirements: online, Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7
Version: 2.9
Company: Virtual Mechanics Inc.

SiteSpinner Features

SiteSpinner is a drag and drop website builder software for building web and mobile sites.

Features include:

  • Exports to HTML and SVG.
  • Multi page projects.
  • Drawing capabilities.
  • Graphics editing and creation.
  • Built-in FTP publishing.
  • Exports to DHTML.
  • Interactive animation.
  • Printable manual.
  • Change the size or properties of any picture right in the work window.
  • Create shapes and backgrounds.
  • Add shading or transparency.
  • Images can be automatically uploaded.
  • Templates to use to build your site.
  • Set your pages so they are centered or automatically scale to fit your visitor's web browser.
  • Align objects, move objects in-front, or behind other objects.
  • Group objects together, evenly space, or size objects.
  • Objects dynamically spaced or sized to suite your visitors web browser size.
  • Text editor works like your word processor: change your text's font, size, or color.
  • Add links and spell check your work.
  • Drag and drop table editor: text, pictures, or any object can easily be dragged into position.
  • Feed back forms are easily assembled using the form editor.
  • Iframes: call up another web page and then treat it like any other object.
  • Foreign object editor: import all of the most popular file formats such as FlashTM, video, and audio.
  • Mouse over effects.
  • Drop down menus.
  • 100% drag and drop editing.
  • WebDwarf drag and drop page builder.
  • Separate desktop and mobile work spaces.
  • Works with all web browsers and web hosts.
  • Desktop and mobile preview powered by Opera software.
  • Publishes to standards-compliant HTML, DHTML, and SVG.
  • Design sites specifically laid out for mobile devices.
  • One year free web hosting.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Interactive hands on tutorials.
  • Unlimited version 2 updates.
  • Unlimited online support.